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Windows Phone 7 Jump Start (Session 19 of 19): Ask the Experts podcast

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This audio only session is a must for everyone. Yochay Kiriaty, Sr. Technical Evangelist for Windows Phone facilitates this panel of experts in responding to questions raised during the Live training. The Expert panel includes:  Yochay Kiriaty, Peter Torr (Principle Program Manager, WPC) , Andy Wigley (MS Press Author and MVP), Rob S. Miles (MS Press Author and MVP), Jeff Wilcox (Sr. Software Design Engineer, Client Platform), Larry Lieberman (Sr. Product Manager, MCB Dev Programs), Randy Ramig (Sr. Software Design Engineer, WPC), Rohan Thakkar (Program Manager, Client Platform), Mike Harsh (Principle Program Manager, Client Platform), Anil Dhawan (Program Manager, WPC), Abolade Gbadegesin (Partner Software Design Engineer, WPC)  and Jon Harris (Sr. Product Manager,  Expression Blend).

The Windows Phone 7 Jump Start video training is for all developers interested in developing applications or games for the new Windows Phone 7 Platform. The ~14 ½ hour course is based on the Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Developer Training Kit and taught by Microsoft MVP's and Microsoft Press Authors, Andy Wigley and Rob S. Miles. The Designing for Windows Phone 7 session is taught my Microsoft Design experts, Jon Harris and Bryan Agnetta. The training is wrapped up with an audio podcast with a panel of Microsoft experts answering the questions posed throughout the training.

Watch these entertaining sessions and complete the labs found on Channel 9 ( to gain development skills using both Microsoft XNA and Microsoft Silverlight.

For copies of the student files and links to demo code, you can go to the Windows Phone 7 Born To Learn Forum (

Session 01: Introduction
Session 02: Building a Silverlight Application, Part 1
Session 03: Building a Silverlight Application, Part 2
Session 04: The Application Bar
Session 05: Building XNA Games for the Windows Phone 7 Platform, Part 1
Session 06: Building XNA Games for the Windows Phone 7 Platform, Part 2
Session 07: Isolation Storage
Session 08: The Application Lifecycle
Session 09: Launchers and Choosers
Session 10: Push Notifications
Session 11: Marketing your Windows Phone Applications
Session 12: Working with Media
Session 13: Panorama and Pivots
Session 14: XNA Deep Dive, Part 1
Session 15: XNA Deep Dive, Part 2
Session 16: Location and Bing Maps
Session 17: Optimizing for Performance
Session 18: Designing Apps Using Expression Blend & Metro
Session 19: Ask the Experts podcast




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The Discussion

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    Is there a better quality recording out there. I am really interested in the content, but the audio quanity is horrible, and very difficult to understand.

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    If I may make a request.  I'd like to see a deep dive on Data Binding with Expression Blend.

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    Bob Caswell

    Hi John,
    Unfortunately, this is the only version of the audio that we have. We had some technical difficulties at the time.

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