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Windows Phone 7 Push Notification QuickApp / Web Service (With Azure Publishing Instructions!)

27 minutes, 34 seconds


Right click “Save as…”

John Mulhausen takes you from from zero to an Azure-hosted, push notification-sending web service and an accompanying phone app in 19 minutes.

1) Do you want to see how to send/receive every kind of Push Notification that there is for Windows Phone?

2) Do you want to know the certification rules and usage restrictions involved with using Push Notifications for Windows Phone?

3) Do you want to see how to make a web service and consume it in a Windows Phone app?

4) Have you been meaning to try Azure but thought it would take MORE than 90 seconds to learn how to publish on it?

If so, look no further; the answers to all these and more are inside.

Click here to download the source code used in this video.


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  • Scott HScott H

    First time I watched one of these. It's like "Zero Punctuation" for Windows Phone developers (Thank god for the pause button). Very useful and concise. Thanks.

  • @Scott H: That is exactly the effect I'm going for - and I LOVE Zero Punctuation. If I could have my way I'd make the stick figure re-enactments to go along with the instructions but my boss said the code walkthrough was more useful. Sad

    Glad you enjoyed. Wink

  • @JoMul: Please convince your boss that you should do more of these in this exact format.  The format fits really well with the delemna of "I've read through the source code and kinda know how it works" but I need to confirm, or really know how it works. 

  • Nice video, that sure wasn't a waste of time Smiley

  • @AussieInSeattle: Rest assured, I'm a big believer in the format used here and there are future videos coming. I'm so glad it helped; I believe strongly in the power of a good video walkthrough to plant a very vivid image in one's mind about how to do things. FYI, I do have 2 other phone videos in this format already up. Smiley

  • @Matthijs: Thanks a lot! Glad it was worthwhile!! Smiley

  • That's well! Thanks...
  • brilliant! this is just the way these tech presentation should be! thank you!

  • if i want to turn "off" notifications when the app is running but turn them back on when the app is about to close/get deactivated, are there any suggested patterns for doing this?



  • @Priya_M:Thanks for the kind words!

    To suspend the sending of notifications from your service based on the state of a particular phone's app, your app would basically need to let the server know that that phone doesn't want notifications right now. The event that fires when an app is unloaded would need to - very quickly and efficiently - then relay to the server that it's okay to send messages again. I would worry about that approach for a few reasons -- hooking into the unload event is supposed to be for tombstoning only and not really involve server/client interaction.

    Keep in mind that while the app is running you can just ignore any unwanted push notifications. That generates a modicum of wasted traffic, but given that the push notification limit is 1K and each app installation on each phone can receive 500 notifications per day, it's not really much of a problem. I would strongly recommend just coding your app to ignore anything coming from the server that you don't need to show your user.

  • That is sound advice, thank you once again!

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