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Windows Phone 7 announcements from Mobile World Congress 2011

Play Windows Phone 7 announcements from Mobile World Congress 2011

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    I'm dizzy...

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    Thanx for the update Foy.

    Poor Paul never gets to go nowhere..

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    Since Windows Mobile was assinated I have a hard time wanting to pick up Phone 7 (though it looks cool)

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    assinated = assassinated lol

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    This is great news to hear!

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    I already own the LG Optimus 7 and it is by far the best mobile I ever owned and I'm also pretty excited about the coming changes. There is just one big problem. I don't live in the states or one of the few countries with WP7 support, which means I'm stuck. I don't really care about having the phone use my native language, english will do just fine, but why on earth can't I access the marketplace or just have a (insert preferred language here (in my case danish)) dictionary. These are very small things that would make WP7 an actual alternative for many europeans, but as it stands I still can't recommend non-geeks to buy this phone.

    The same goes for Bing by the way, outside the US bings search results are an atrocity and lightyears behind google.

    Microsoft should really start thinking more globally, rather than treating each nation as an individual market. In Denmark, and other nordic countries, children learn english from the 4th grade, we have the most advanced mobile networks, with 3G coverage in most parts of the country and very close to 100% have 2mb+ broadband. So Denmark is one of the most advanced countries today, where a very large percentage of the population under the age of 50 speaks english well enough and almost everybody under 40 speaks/reads/writes english very well. And still we are stuck. Still we have to wait ages for services to become available in danish, because MS can't just give us access to the english version, no, you actaully lock the english version, so we can't access it. WTF. 

    Take a look at all the companies that people compare you with, Google, Facebook, Apple, etc. If their service is not available in your local language it defaults to english or you can select one of the supported languages and voila, available to the whole world.

    Meanwhile iPhones and Android phones are selling by the millions. Good job.


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