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Windows Phone 7 at CES 2011

Play Windows Phone 7 at CES 2011

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    I am really waiting for the update for Windows Phone 7. Another best thing with windows marketplace is, you can actually try these apps for some time before buying. I think Microsoft should emphasize on this little bit more.

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    Diego Perez

    Some new features including copy&paste??? did I listen that right???

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    Off topic, but Laura's hair looks amazing in that light.  And I love the dell phone

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    If there's one thing I want Microsoft to listen to, with regards to Windows Phone 7, is to make sure providers and shops have demo stands for these devices so I can play with the phone (without having to ask for someone to go in the back and get one out a box). In the UK, only O2 have one phone actually set up to use in store. I can go into any phone shop in the UK and start playing with an iPhone (there's usually about three or more to play with). This is a barrier to entry. You (well, carriers) are making it harder to find out about how amazing this phone is. Please listen to this Microsoft, get those carriers to have some phones to play with right there in store. Hell, pay for it yourself if you have to!

    Windows Phone 7 is an awesome phone, I want to see more adverts that aren't trying to sell me a phone that I'm going to use less! I want a device that I'm gonig to be adicted to, play games on (linked to my Xbox... which I don't have Sad ), and all round enjoy to use. What the hell am I paying for if I'm going to use it less?



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    Yup, the only WP7 devices I've seen in stores in my area are fake ones with a sticker for a home screen.

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    Pedro Coutinho

    In Portugal is the same... i am waiting for 4 months to be able to try a WP7 Phone in the stores.
    It's as if it's a fake phone this WP7 Phone!!!!
    Isn't it a little bit strange... Microsoft guys!!!?!?!?

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    I've been saying this over and over again about US market. Many stores don't even want to get a real phone out of the box. They say enjoy the fake one. How am I suppose to buy one? I did eventually, in Costco they had a nice return policy, so I said I'll try and return if I didn't like it. I did like it :) It was the cheapest price for existing customers as well, only $50 and free for new customers, for whatever the carrier.

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    I think its about time Microsoft stops the ads with "the phone you can put away". Seriously? You run an ad just to show people put a phone away? Other mobile devices did not get there by showing how you can put their devices away. What about showing its capabilities, apps, features, new updates so people can see what they can do with it before they put it away or when they feel like being engaged. How about running ads with a little me time where the user delves into its capabilites, or simple ads like the iPhone's; a simple white background, two hands and a voice over demoing its features. There is no better effective and uncluttered way to show off a product when people really do not need to see anything else on the screen besides the product being advertised. God! Where did MS get this marketing team?

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