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YOW! 2012: Brian Beckman and Michael Ficarra - CoffeeScript

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Brian Beckman interviews JavaScript/CoffeeScript developer who's written an excellent CoffeeScript compiler, Michael Ficarra. If you're curious about CoffeeScript, then this is for you ( no demos or code, though; just technical conversation done the Beckman way Smiley ) Tune in!


Brian Beckman, Physicist, Microsoft Veteran, Mathematica Hacker, LINQ, Xbox, Rx Developer, wrote foundational software for new starts in Bing Mobile Mapping and Technology platform. Created pure-functional language and runtime using combined numeric and symbolic processing for business intelligence and visualization. Co-Found Tesla and Volta efforts with Erik Meijer via LINQ and the Reactive Framework.  Approximately 85 patent filings and 25 issued patents. Consultant for Tire Physics on XBox racing game "Forza". * Designed and coded all physics for secret video-game project based on my "Physics of Racing" papers.


Michael Ficarra, a CoffeeScript/ECMAScript Enthusiast Developer at Groupon, can be described as having a passion for defining transformations of all sorts, so he is naturally very comfortable around compilers and functional programming languages. He is best known for his significant contributions to the CoffeeScript programming language, its original compiler, and his KickStarter-funded rewrite. As one of Github's most active users, he is an influential member of the online OSS and ECMAScript communities.



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