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YOW! 2012: Dave, Martin and Todd - The Loadstone Foundation

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    I don't fully understand the premise of Lodestone they say open source do they mean free open source? What is the model of how people will contribute? In my mind if I can get $250k/yr making plumbing software for a round robin of banking customers why would I contribute to a FOSS repository?

    If I'm thinking correctly banks would still have to pay to make the model work, they could either have their in house developers publish their code (with mutual sharing with others in the industry) or have it as part of the contract for the consultants that the code gets turned over with the required FOSS license. But I can't see why people capable of doing the high paid jobs would give the code away instead of doing the consulting gigs. Linux I can see because it is something the individual gets a kick out of and can actually use themselves, doing plumbing code for a bank is work and needs to pay me IMHO.

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