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YOW! 2012: Dave Thomas - On YOW!, Objects, Functions, Software Fashion, and More

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Channel 9 was invited back to YOW! this year and we had several excellent conversations with speakers (almost all of them!), just like last year. It was great to get back to Australia and meet so many excellent developers and have the chance to geek out with so many industry luminaries. Huge thanks to the Godfather, Dave Thomas, and his amazing team for putting on such a great show and providing Channel 9 with first class access to speakers and the event.

Who better to start of this series than Dave Thomas, the founder of YOW! and an icon in the software industry. Dave's the guy who invented Eclipse and was once a flag bearer for object oriented programming (he's since shied away from the "objects always, everywhere" philosophy. Dave is a developer's best friend and we love that.

Tune in and see what's on Dave's mind these days and learn a thing or two about YOW!, software engineering trends, and some big problems that face general purpose computing - for people or "users", not just developers. The Godfather has some things to say, so you better listen closely! Smiley

Thank you, Dave, for hosting C9 at YOW! 2012 and for being such a big supporter of what we do here.

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The Discussion

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    Interesting to see that most of the Erlang principles are the answers to the biggest problems he mentions, like actors and message passing interfaces; and write as less code as possible. The language may not be the best ever (certainly can feel the age of it), but the principles seem to be established pretty well.

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    Tampa TOny

    This was such an awesome talk. Really glad I watched it. I wish I could spend a day with him.

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