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YOW! 2012: Don Reinertsen - The Zen of Product Development

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Don Reinertsen is the President of Reinertsen & Associates, a consulting firm specialized in the management of product development. He has worked with leading product development organizations for over 3o years, and taught executive courses at Caltech for 14 years. He is the author/co-author of three best-selling books on product development, and is considered one of the leading thinkers in the emerging field of lean product development. His latest awarding winning book, The Principles of Product Development Flow: Second Generation Lean Product Development, has been praised as, "... quite simply the most advanced product development book you can buy."

Here, Don educates us on modern product development best-practices. It's well worth your time to pay close attention to what Don has to say. He's spot on. Thanks, Don!

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The Discussion

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    Well. Don't make the mistake that this interview starts out a little dry, or abstracted to far from software engineering as there are some amazing Gems in there for anyone who has every had to be involved with managing or scheduling a team of developers to deliver a task - or has worked in such an environment. I'd say that's about 100% of us!

    Great and very unexpected interview Charles!

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    @Parmenio: Glad you enjoyed it! It was a pleasure to meet and chat with Don. I had no idea where this interview would head, but given he keynoted YOW! 2012, you can imagine he has some extremely valuable insights for people who develop software products. I know I learned a lot from him and came away from this conversation with a new found respect for the complexities involved with shipping software (and with new ideas of how to do it in a more reliable and effective manner).


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    Really good interview, I just sent it to my executive team. Thanks!

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    So I guess Apple etc are succeeding on that newspaper analogy. Subscribe to the new ecosystems to survive in the future, and do not presume upon the convincing end users to appreciate the specifications of major new product releases. (c.f. car models and Windows 8 ?)

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    so nice!!!

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    Mouhammad Fakhoury

    Thank you for this great interview! Very informative!

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