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YOW! 2012: Jafar Husain - Rx and Netflix, A Match Made in Composable Asynchrony

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Jafar Husain, a Senior Developer at Netflix, has been working as a software developer for 15 years. He's developed software for companies like GE, Microsoft, and Netflix. Most recently he designed a data access framework that powers Netflix's PS3 and Windows 8 clients. His interests include programming languages, functional reactive programming, and user interface design patterns.

Here, we learn about how Jafar and team at Netflix use Rx, aka Reactive Extensions for (.NET, Obj-C, C++, JavaScript...). At Netflix, they use RxJS for their web app and Rx for .NET for their Windows Store app (Jafar is on the web team). Rx has proven to be incredibly valuable and effective for Netflix.

Jafar has always been a big fan of Rx (including his days at Microsoft), ever since he first learned about it by watching a C9 video with Erik Meijer and Brian Beckman geeking out on the math and theory behind Rx. Netflix is literally powered by Rx. Smiley Jafar really gets Rx. If you're struggling to wrap your head around it, even at the conceptual level, this conversation should make things crystal clear. Go Rx!

Of course, anytime you talk about Rx and Erik Meijer is roaming around the halls nearby, chances are pretty good that he'll drop into the conversation - literally. Does it happen this time? Will the great Erik Meijer appear? You'll need to watch this interview to find out...

Tune in. Enjoy!



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