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A Look Behind MSR's Lightspace

Play A Look Behind MSR's Lightspace

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    wow... this is going to be cool if it really works in real life... haha... Tongue Out

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    This could be useful in a medical setting where providers are sharing clinical information with each other or their patients.

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    Have you guys considered using high frequency echolocation for the same tracking? I'm no sound expert but I've read that you can get an extremely good accuracy of location and depth. Instead of tracking only the surface of an object you could track the contents as well to get a true 3-D representation of the object. You could also get a much larger area of coverage without all of those cameras or you could use it in concert with the cameras for an even higher level of accuracy in tracking a small area?

    According to the UAH humans can learn echolocation in two weeks, how hard could it be! :^P

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    Fascinating...the from above projection certainly extends the coverage area compared to what Microsoft Surface offers.  Though I do believe the Microsoft Surface approach is better for consumer scenarios as Lightspace would likely require alot of space planning.

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    SHould be good in schools and conferences. I can see many cases where I want to interact with projector.

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    That's some pretty cool stuff.  I'd love to see more videos that peek inside MSR

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    @Raiven: Stay tuned, I plan on it. Smiley

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    LOVE to see more msr stuff, they have some funky stuff going on in there

    Also fun to see the kinect alpha hardware still lives Smiley hopefully this means a windows driver is not to far away. its also very interesting to see that they are using multiple sensors in the same space.. the framerates are also interesting, it looks like they are around 20 fps and its reasonable to assume that includes processing so i wonder what the fps of the camera is..  it will be very interesting if when we get our hand on kinect if it is indeed running at max resolution and framerate.. interesing indeed

    i guess its a long shot but it would be great to hear about some of the differences between their camera and the final kinect camera Wink

    ive actually had some thing limilar to this in mind except with more focus on head tracking to enable surfaces to display 3d (for one user at the time)

    really hope we can see more from these guys Smiley

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    btw another cool thing they should look at is projecting images in a larger space than the cameras cover. really the depth camera only needs to track the user, not the projection surface, the use can then use their field of view [again by using head tracking] to select things on surfaces that are not with in the depth camera field of view

    food for thought guys Wink i really wish i had time [and the hardware/drivers] to work on my version..

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    Just need to replace the projectors with holo-emitters and you'll have something.


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