Building Apps for Windows Phone 8.1: (09) Data Storage, Backup, and Roaming

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    This is one of the worst demo/lessons I have ever seen on Channel 9/MSVA.

    I'm sure you are smart guy but I think you would be better off letting Andy handle the demos and presentations.  

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    What kinds demos would you have preferred to see? Where did you feel like we missed the mark?

    Microsoft has hundreds of demos available for learning Windows Phone 8.1 and if these didn't help you with what you're looking for, maybe I can point you toward some that will help.

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    Hugh Lau

    i wanna to get the ppt

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    Congratulations on getting through this session in spite of the old guy constantly interrupting with his senile rants.  I couldn't have done it.

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    That was a great presentation. Nice break down.

    Hey Matt, you also mentioned that there are other resources that we can refer to learn more about Windows storage and possibly other useful topics. Any link or specific website or forum?

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