Building Apps for Windows Phone 8.1: (10) Sharing Files and Data in Windows Phone 8.1

Play Building Apps for Windows Phone 8.1: (10) Sharing Files and Data in Windows Phone 8.1
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Hear about the different ways in which an app can exchange data with another app, including file and URI associations, implementing the Share contract, both as a source and a target, and using the FileOpenPicker and FileSavePicker.

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    I am trying to develop an app that will be executed when someone presses the "share page" option from internet explorer 11 in windows phone 8.1. So basically an app that can handle web URLs in the form of "". What type of file type/URL association should I use. Please help!


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    Is is possible to share/access GeoFences and Routes? (Foreground and Background)

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    I wish they would've dealt more with FileSavePicker. I have the Sample, but it is not clear where you code the source of the file you want saved. I have a button, it plays a sound. I have a Context Menu on that button, press and hold and gives option to Save To (filesavepicker), but it saves a blank file because I cant figure out where to put the file path of the audio file in the code.

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    Hi, can you, please, reupload Session 10 Demo? On your OneDrive is a wrong folder - its Session 14 and solutions about sharing files and data are missing. Thanks!

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    Could you please re-upload session 10 demos? In folder 10 we have the same demos of session 14!! Thanks!

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    Yep, reupload demo 10, thanks.

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    Waiting for the correct sample to be available. Please ans thanks.

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    from where I could find the link for demo file ?

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    @s4vr: Demo 10 not correct there is another demo instead please upload the correct one 

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