Building Apps for Windows Phone 8.1: (13) Networking, Mobile Services, and Authentication

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Explore networking topics, including accessing Azure Mobile Services, transferring files in the background using Background Transfer API, programming HTTPClient API, and authenticating users with their Microsoft account or social network accounts using Web Authentication Broker.

  • [01:13] - Basics
  • [06:13] - Introduction to Microsoft Azure Mobile Services
  • [28:26] - Background transfers
  • [36:32] - HttpClient
  • [41:23] - Make Smart Decisions About Data Transfer
  • [50:41] - Identity and Authentication
  • [52:37] - Web Authentication Broker

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The Discussion

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    Require details on using WCF with WP8.1 , Its really disappointing that its not available on WP8.1 with RT.

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    Is there a way to develop a Univ app with WCF service.

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