Building Apps for Windows Phone 8.1: (17) Camera, Media, and Audio in Windows Phone 8.1

Play Building Apps for Windows Phone 8.1: (17) Camera, Media, and Audio in Windows Phone 8.1

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    Great video. Where can I get the source code?

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    Harshil Lodhi

    The Screen Recording demo breaks on line no. 57 MainPage.xaml.cs

    if I temporary switch to home using windows key(it happened in the demo as well).

    Any solution for this?

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    thanks for this great video. how can i dhoose betwen fran and bak camera? could you please write som code.


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    When i associate the project with a store app, background task stops functioning, why is it so?

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    Ahmad Pirani

    Windows Phone 8.1 RT.

    It seems the MediaElement does not play files from outside Video Library. The video files that are located directly under c:\data\users\public\videos and visible in Videos app (or may be local app storage, I haven't tried this one).

    It consistently thew MF_MEDIA_ENGINE_ERR_SRC_NOT_SUPPORTED : HRESULT - 0x80004003" error while playing videos outside of the Video Library. Even for the ones in the Camera Roll, leave aside the ones in the additional albums. If I play Camera Roll videos from Photos App the work fine. Also, the ones in other folders work fine if playing directly using Phone's native apps.


    Is this a bug or as usual intended "feature" to limit developers from creating awesome apps :P

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    About ScreenRecording, as @Andy said "The really use case is in game ... ", I don't really understand how to do that.

    Does this mean we have to suspend ScreenRecording, do some background task and open the app we want to record?
    Or the ScreenRecording has to be built-in every app?

    I have seen the previous module 11 about Background and Multitasking, but I don't have any clue to do that.
    Any ideal, much obliged :)) @gduncan411

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