Building Apps for Windows Phone 8.1: (19) Programming SQLite on Windows Phone 8.1

Play Building Apps for Windows Phone 8.1: (19) Programming SQLite on Windows Phone 8.1

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    I have one thing to ask, In this video we saw queries which actually returns only A single column and then store the result using statement[0],statement[1] .... 


    WHAT if the query return multiple rows from the database? How do we get the values of each row.?

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    Is there any documentation or API for SQL PCL? How am I supposed to know how methods of SQL PCL work? I found many useful resources on SQLite statements but nothing on how to actually use them with PCL besides your video.

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    Can you give me the source code of this tutorial.

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    I want use database(Sql Ce or SQLite) in my project windows phone 8.1، but I can't add database in solution explorer and show me this error

    In SQL Compact Edition

    "The selected projecttype does not support Windows Phone 7.1/8-wrong

    In SQLite

    When add a references() to my project WP8.1 show me this error after Install (NuGet)
    Install failed. Rolling back...
    Could not install package 'SQLitePCL'. You are trying to install this package into a project that targets 'WindowsPhoneApp,Version=v8.1', but the package does not contain any assembly references or content files that are compatible with that framework. For more information, contact the package author."

    Please Help Me

    Thank you.

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    Look at for an example of retrieving more than one result.

    I think SQLite PCL does not support WP8.1 yet. Don't hesitate to correct me please.

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    I create windows phone 8.1 app with sqlite pcl
    my app dont work !!!
    not create data base and not store my data
    how I can solved this ??
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    Can someone post a sample on working Universal app 8.1 using SQLite. The demos provided in the above link has targeted for Windows phone 8, but not 8.1. Any help is appreciated...Thanks !

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    it's a pain...i can't understand ! i mean no one using sql in wp8.1?

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    Re SQLITE on WP8.1

    I think you just need to apply the VSIX for WP8.1 available at:
    http :// visualstudiogallery . / 5d97faf6-39e3-4048-a0bc-adde2af75d1b

    then follow the existing WP8 examples


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    Abdelaziz Ahmed

    How i can use sql server compact query with WP8.
    and what's the difference between SQLite & SQL server compact.

    thanks :) .

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    System.Data.SQLite, SQLite + LINQ, DataTable etc. for Windows Phone 8!
    Project and examples for download:

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    i have the same issue as in the video while making dependencies(pcl for SQLite) .i dont know how to fix.please help..

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    Please can someone explain how to do if you want to copy .db file to the phone storage that you can see the file in the file explore?

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    I have a question related to discovering devices on my home network. The "Device Hub" in the phone settings shows only wifi devices. I have a Buffalo NAS which is wired connected to my router. I also web enabled this, so I can see it from the internet (created home cloud in a way). I can see this device on windows file explorer and also through IE browser on my windows 8.1 home PC. But on my Nokia 1020 I can only use the Buffalo app to see it from the web. I can't see it through any file explorer through my home network. Is there a solution for this? If you point me to some examples I'll be willing to try to create such a phone app.

    I'll appreciate your help.

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    Can someone send me or point me to the code for the CardReader example from the end of session 15?


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