Developing Universal Windows Apps with C# and XAML: (13) What else might we have done?

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    Hi Guys,

    What an absolutely fantastic series. I love the "Excitement & Humour" that the presenters  bring to this series. It really makes it easy to spend the hours going through all the videos.

    I did however want to look at the services that were showcased in the videos, and I noticed that that the source was not up yet at any ideas when you guys will have it up?

    After watching the series, I do have one question for the presenters. All Prism Lob applications that I have written, have always used the great and fantastic RegionManager and Prism regions. I would normally create a ShellView and provide it with a region or regions where navigation would take place. I had a look at the bits in Prism for RT and have noticed that the greatest component that Prism had  (My Opinion) is not  there. However after building with a specific style, I would love to know whether using Prism RT and perhaps adding a Frame in the xaml, whether we could use the Prism navigation service to navigate within that Frame.

    Thanks again for this wonderful series.



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    Thx so much. Really helped me getting there fast. :)

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