Implementing a Data Warehouse with SQL Server: (01) Design and Implement Dimensions and Fact Tables

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In this module, find out about the distinct differences between the data that you use to run your operational systems and the way that you need to consume that data to analyze your business. Understand the key design issues between the two as well as the impacts that they can have on your load process.

  • [07:57] - Schema Design: Star vs. Snowflake
  • [20:16] - Facts and Fact Tables
  • [29:27] - Fact and Dimension Granularity
  • [31:48] - Conformed and Non-Conformed Dimensions
  • [43:02] - Time Dimensions

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The Discussion

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    Giuseppe Polizzi

    You speak so clearly that it is a pleasure to hear you.
    You explain so well that it is not a pain to understand.
    Thank you.
    George is a perfect companion, who never said a word too much
    but always remarked what is important.
    Thank you.
    Outstanding! I love who loves to do his job.
    Greetings from Italy.

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    What happened to the Mid Quality WMV (Lo-band, Mobile) format, I can't find that version here.Please upload that format also so we can use that where we have less bandwidth to download.and less size!


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    @Biju: The Mid Quality MP4 should work for that same purpose

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    @duncanma, well hopefully but the size is exactly the double!

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