Programming Kinect for Windows v2: (03) Hand Pointer Gestures and Speech

Play Programming Kinect for Windows v2: (03) Hand Pointer Gestures and Speech

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    Don't know if I should ask question here or on private forum. About speech (big subject with SARAH community (

    - What about Dictation ?
    - What about overlap with Cortana, Skype (live translation), ... ?
    - What code say "this word is an engagement" ? in XML ? only a good match ? How long is the timeout ?


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    I installed the Controls Basics - XAML from the Kinect Developer Toolkit. I opened in Visual Studio Express for Windows and it asked me to convert to Windows 8.1 app. I used the conversion tool (I think under the Project menu). I then built the conversion (with no errors), but when I try to run it I get an exception error in the App.p.i.cs file on line 24.

    Anyone else have this issue or give a suggestion of what to do?


    UPDATE. I deleted and reinstalled, redirected to 8.1 and built. No error, but the XAML window will just open for a second then close. Not bring up any of the controls or anything. I am baffled about what it doesn't like with my machine. I am going through the demo in the video and see if I can figure it out.

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    Is it possible to program using actionscript?

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    In the first demo in this video "Hand Control", can i use this functionality in Unity ? i am unsure how to port this example. Advice would be appreciated. Thanks

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