Programming Kinect for Windows v2: (06) Recording, Playback, and Gesture Recognition

Play Programming Kinect for Windows v2: (06) Recording, Playback, and Gesture Recognition

The Discussion

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    About Gesture:

    Will you provide a set of trained / ready gesture to be use in our programs ? This would help to avoid beginer mistake and have well recorded gesture.

    In Kinect 360 someone did an XML description of gesture, I use it in S.A.R.A.H.,  do you have plan to provide that can of simple description in SDK as an alternative to machine learning ? 

    Can you link the track library use to navigate throught tracks of Kinect Studio ? 

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    Hi, thanks for the great video. I was wondering how this gesture builder works internally. What does .gba file exactly stores? Can I have programming interface for storing same data? How does it recognize gesture from this data?

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    Can you please post the code for the Gesture program shown in the video. It was never finished and I am not sure what to do next. Thanks.

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