Visual Basic Fundamentals for Absolute Beginners: (14) Working with Dates

Play Visual Basic Fundamentals for Absolute Beginners: (14) Working with Dates
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Dates and times are represented using special types (just like strings are) and deserve some attention. In this lesson we learn how to work with Date and Time data, how to create new instances of Date, how to add time; format the data for display and more. Furthermore, we discuss the TimeSpan class as a means of representing a duration of time.

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The Discussion

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    When you update(Mod 14) this with next version of visual basic, can you expand you date samples to include working with dates from textbox dates?

    I need to be able to format how a user enters data and then if the data is within a range then I need to spew a reply to console.

    Example: If between January 1 and January 31 then "January"


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