The History of Microsoft - 1989

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    Do Bill's glasses get bigger each year?

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    Their ALBUM was lip synced? Smiley

    The videos and live performances where but someone had to sing the songs for the original recordings. I don't know why they didn't just give the Grammys to the real singers after the truth was revealed.

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    I'm pretty sure someone told him already, since he's using much smaller spectacles nowadays Smiley

    Btw, Tina, where did your microphone go? Echo... Echo... Echo...

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    That's some killer reverb, Tina, would you mind hooking me up with some?

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    Being born in 1981, I fell lukcy to have been given life at a time when Microsoft was in many ways in its infancy. I have watch the evolution with a sense of joy knowing that technology is still in many ways even now scratching the surface comparatively to what will be available in the next 15 years or so... Though, hopefully, in the next two yeras or less, I think companies like Microsoft will ditch the DVD's and CD's and start providing software on flash media devices.  I am all gung-ho for Secure Digital, I cannot wait to get my hands on a 2TB SDXC card, I wonder if that will provide any "umph" to ready boost.... Smiley

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    Glasses were always massive in the 80s, its like the bigger they are the more money you have. That was true of victorian times but not today lol.

    Anyway another good video, really enjoying watching this series.

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