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In this presentation, Brad will cover several advanced MVC topics, tips & tricks, including: using non-strongly typed models (f.e., dictionaries) while still getting model metadata and validation support; custom routing constraints; customized client-side validation with unobtrusive jQuery; combining named routes with custom HTML and Ajax link helpers; and more!

Recorded live as part of mvcConf 2



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The Discussion

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    I appreciate the ability to watch this on the web, but I can't read the text on the computer being used at all.

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    Brad Wilson

    You may want to download one of the high quality versions for offline viewing. The text should be clearer on those.

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    @JK: The High Quality WMV is full 720P and only 370Mb

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    If you watch in full screen with a good network connection, the video will switch to full 1280x720 in a few seconds.

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    Great video, with really good explinations.  I have been trying to get my head around the custom validation with client side for a while.  Will the source code for this talk be available anywhere?

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    @AndrewAllison: The deck and all code is available on my blog: Look under "Advanced ASP.NET MVC 3".

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    Thanks Brad, Keep up the great work.  Big Smile

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    Oh dear.. Finally watched the last half of the video and now feel like an Idiot for asking about the source.. L on my forehead sorry about that  Expressionless

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    Great topics!

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    That last part about models without classes looks like a horrible idea.

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    Hi, I downloaded and tried to view the WMV version of this video (and also the keynote of scottgu) on a PS3, but it doesnt sound (in the PC it works great), does any of you have any idea of why ??
    Other videos works fine, but not these two.
    I'm downloading the high quality MP4 version. Unfortunatly is more than 1GB and my internet connection is not so fast.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Gourav Sharma

    Hey Mate !
    Thanks, A lot for this detail stuff.
    Your website is not working, Could you please provide details from where I can download code you had discribed in presentation ?
    Thanks again

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    How would you manage a dictionary that would have different value types?

    For example, let's say that I want to create many forms that could contain strings, ints, dates, drop-down lists, would I be able to use this approach (maybe using some abstract value type)?  
    Perhaps adding a TemplateHint to each property would help - I'm not sure?

    Any advice here on the best approach?

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    Hi Brad,
    I'm a hobbyist programmer for many years (15+) and I have seen code and example but upon looking at your StatefulFilters / StatefulStorage classes, I can see why you are a senior developper. Wow. Great stuff.

    It's eloquent. It's clean. It works like a German machine.


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