The Visual Studio Documentary: Tim Huckaby Full Length Interview

Play The Visual Studio Documentary: Tim Huckaby Full Length Interview

The Discussion

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    Hey Now Tim,


         Great Vid! Really learned a lot & some good stories.


    Thx 4 the info,



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    Hmm... how many times can I click "Comment on Post" until Firefox behaves?


    Tim, you are a great story teller.  I like the nauseated look on your face as you describe the language wars. 


    I describe it to non-technical people as if two surgeons were arguing about what scalpel to use to operate on a patient.  They argue about whether 5 or 8 is better.  When in fact their goal is to do no harm and save a life, not to care whether A or B was the inventor.  One has a metal handle and one uses a stainless steel, but in the end, the tool doesn't matter, it is patient care which is priority.


    I also love how you mention that not everyone loves Visual Studio.  Some actually would rather just use a text editor.  It makes me smile, I know Engineers where I work who would rather do  calculus by hand than use a calculator because their brains are faster and better trained.



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