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10-4 Episode 18: Functional UI Testing

17 minutes, 29 seconds


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In this episode of 10-4 we look at a new type of test coming in Visual Studio Team System 2010 known as the coded UI test. Coded UI tests can be created to automatically navigate through your application's UI, which in turn can be used to verify that the paths your users might take through your application are working properly. You can also add validation logic along the way to verify the properties of objects within the UI. Much like unit tests can quickly surface regressions on a method or function level, coded UI tests can bring the same level of rapid automated testing capabilities to the UI layer.

This demo is based on an early build of Visual Studio Team System 2010 Beta 1.

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10-4! Over and out!


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  • JohnAskewJohnAskew 9 girl in pink sweater
    It's nice to see VS mature so well. Now if I could figure out how to acquire this version through my Micro-ISV Empower program...
  • Nate GreenwoodDreadnaught Respect mah authoritah!
    Awesome. Definitely looking forward to having this functionality in the ol' tool bag.

    In a completely unrelated matter, I'm curious whether the VS2010 IDE background will be customizable. I'm not a huge fan of the current shade of blue. If anyone has the inside scoop on that little tidbit, I'd be interested to know.
  • Edward MoemekaMoemeka Me

    Nice video.  These 10-4 videos are cruel Sad.  Like watching someone play with a toy you want. You made sveral references to a Beta 1.  Can you give some details?  I was planning on installing it for my mom (being Mother's day and all).

  • HnidkHnidk ?
    Watin currently has a lot of this for web app. obviously the biggest downfall is the recorder bit. i love how this approached as a single framework targeting all Windows/Web/WPF  with a recorder.

    I really would love to see it done on a web app (with complex grid row counting, resolving ASP.NET control id's and so on)
  • Will it allow recording the test on Web Apps having ActiveX control (e.g Office Web Components Spreasheet Control) where some data is inputted in specific cells and then saved. And after reloading the page checking for the updated data. And then allow this sequence to run for multiple sets of data.

  • Oh yeah, there will be lots of extensibility options! For just a taste see http://channel9.msdn.com/shows/10-4/10-4-Episode-5-Code-Focused-in-Visual-Studio-2010/
  • Beta 1 is coming "soon" Smiley The marketing team tells me I have to say "this quarter."

    Maybe your mom will accept an IOU?
  • Hi Ajay,

    Good question. I checked with the product team and here is their response:

    1.       We do support ActiveX at infrastructure level i.e. we enable scenarios where 3rd party could write plugins for ActiveX support and it will work seamless with our IE/FF support.

    2.       We do support ActiveX written in VB6 (i.e. OCX) with standard caveat of app should have good accessibility.

    3.       Most common use of ActiveX is Flash. We *don’t* support this.

    4.       The specific ActiveX mentioned in q here was Office Web Component Spreadsheet.  This will *not* work – we have poor support of Excel/Word document areas even in standalone scenarios.

  • Thanks for the update Brian.
  • pkzpkz

    Will there be a way to run Functional Tests on remote PCs (i.e., not a dev or build machine) or VMs?

  • Yep. Here's one way, there are others as well:


  • Hey, it was really nice to see UI test automation inbuilt in VS2010. I was waiting for this release for quiet long.

    Does it support test automation of Winform and legacy applications (VB, MFC etc...)?

  • Nice demo.  I hope there would be another Episode for Functional UI testing covering the matter in more detail

  • Awesome video! Fantastic job!

  • Once i have a set of Coded UI tests defined, how do I run the tests on machines that dont have visual studio. Usually we like to test our apps on different version of windows, 32 bit and 64 bit.


    Currently we publish our dlls(application and Nunit) on a test machine and use cruisecontrol to trigger the msbuild script(consisting of MSTasks) to be executed without the need for Visual studio on that machine. Is a similar setup possible ?

  • Yes it does. IT is through Coded UI testing.

  • Sorry for the delay I just noticed your question. Yes you can do this using the build controller/build agent model we support in 2010. It allows you to orchestrate workflows where your tests get pushed out to agent machines which in turn run the tests and then report back to a controller, which then publishes the data to TFS. It's really sweet once you set it up and start seeing all of your machines running tests automatically without intervention! Smiley

  • any chance we'll get an updated video tutiorial for Beta 2 where things have changed drastically, in terms of how the code is compartmentilzed.  it would certainly lower my learning curve. thanks.

  • Thank You for this

  • granslantgranslant

    Looks great but... when I choose "Record Action" (1st  choice)  CodedUITestBuilder.exe crashes. This happens each time.
    I have VSTS 2010 Ultimate english on XP SP3, I disabled all extensions in VSTS.
    Any ideas? Any info you'd need from me to help you know what goes wrong?

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