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10-4 Episode 20: Downloading and Installing Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1

22 minutes, 44 seconds


Right click “Save as…”

Update: Beta 2 is here! Check out 10-4 Episode 33: Downloading and Installing Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2.

Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1 is here! In this episode of 10-4, Brian Keller takes us through downloading and installing Visual Studio 2010 Team Suite Beta 1 and Visual Studio 2010 Team Foundation Server Beta 1. This time-compressed video will take you through all of the key things you need to know to get up and running quickly with beta 1.

This video references several important URL's. Those URL's, as well as some other handy links for beta 1, are as follows:
- Download instructions for all files in this video
- More information about the Windows Server 2008 VHD
- Beta 1 home on MSDN
- Beta 1 forums
- Visual Studio Connect site (report bugs / suggestions)
- Common TFS 2010 Beta 1 Installation Problems
- Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4 Training Kit

Special thanks to Charles Sterling, program manager for Visual Studio Team System, for his tireless efforts behind the scenes to help make this video happen.


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  • Asif Mushtaqlostasif Asif Mushtaq

    HI ..... Its great ....

    Please tell me that can we install Visual Studio 2010 on Windows XP...

    Currently the downloads are not available Sad

  • www.mrmubi.comMubshir Raza Ali www.mrmubi.​com

    Of course you can on XP SP2!

    Mubshir | www.mubshir.com

  • downloads are already available..but they're not on the main pages yet


  • If you follow the instructions in the video you'll see that I have a blog post (listed above) which has direct links to the downloads you'll need. The rest of the downloads (e.g. Visual Studio Professional, Load Agent, etc.) are still going through staging (should be live any minute...), but they are not required to follow the steps in my video.


  • ...and I just confirmed that the rest of the downloads are live now as well. See Beta 1 home on MSDN for all of the SKU's, but remember that if you're following the instructions in my video you'll probably want to follow the Download instructions for all files in this video for what will probably be a faster and more robust download experience.

    Happy downloading!


  • sweswe

    I have a dream, that one day installing vstudio will be as simple as installing silverlight, i have a dream...

  • pkzpkz

    Are VHDs being created so we can download them instead?

  • al6al6

    Pure disappointment ...

    I had hoped to dive into the new C++0x, but it turned out quickly that Visual Studio 2010 has an extremely poor support for this standard. GCC 4.4 under Linux has implemented ALL standard header files, while Visual Studio 2010 does not have a single one... heavily worked Micro$oft!

    The actual languages we work in would surely be given the highest priority of all, but apparently it's not the way you are working. The most I see is a performance loss make up with a non-standard parallel library.

  • Neither GCC nor VS 10 can/are currently implement/implementing all standard features simply because the standard is not yet finished (last working draft: 23. March 2009).
    For comparison

  • Allan LindqvistaL_ Kinect ftw

    vs10 is awsome Smiley one things thats bumming me out still is that vs forces it self on the OS drive (mostly) no matter where its installed :/ but hey, its still beta Smiley

  • al6al6

    I am well aware that C++0x is not yet ready but GCC 4.4 is already light years ahead of Visual Studio 2010. GCC 4.4 does not support the lambdas, but on the other hand it has full support for exactly all the standard libraries; thread & mutex and everything. In GCC 4.4 I can program advanced thread pools but in Visual Studio 2010 I can not do more than to encapsulate some code in a lambda and pretend that I'm doing something useful. GCC 4.5 will have support for lambdas and it's already under development. The budget of GCC is like 0$ and the budget of Visual Studio 2010 is like 235892374028936423478523025 * 10 ^ 36$ but still the free option wins.

  • AWESOME!!! Downloading it now!!

    Only one question: is it possible to install this beta together with VS 2008?? Or will I have to uninstall VS 2008??

  • Edward MoemekaMoemeka Me


    been playing around with dynamic for 7 hours now. All I can say is wow!!!!  I just love how neatly this flexibility has been built into a structured typesafe language like C#.

    ps - are there any code analysis rules that target the use of dynamic?

  • You can install VS2010 beta 1 side-by-side with Visual Studio 2008. However as with any beta note that it's not officially supported. So if you encounter problems with this configuration (e.g. you notice something in VS2008 or elsewhere on your CPU stops behaving correctly) and need to call Microsoft Support then they might tell you that you have to pave your machine in order to get back to a known state that they can support you on.

    Having to pave your machine is the extreme scenario, of course, but I want to give you that full disclaimer. Best to use a virtual machine (as I've done in the video) or a spare machine you might have.


  • Thanks for the feedback Moemeka. We don't have any code analysis rules for dynamic. Do you have any specific scenarios in mind?


  • Asif Mushtaqlostasif Asif Mushtaq

    Thank you brain Keller ....

  • Thank you Brian

    Guesss I'll just set up a Virtual Machine with Windows 7 and install VS 2010 on it.


  • I know it sounds kind of stupid, but THANK YOU for removing the outline triangles and bringing back the +/-

    I haven't had much time to play around with it than that yet, but I look forward to using it more

  • Forgot to mention in my last post, does anyone else find the tooltips almost un-readable?

  • Edward MoemekaMoemeka Me


      my concern is that coupled with lifted fields and lambdas (anonymous delegates), the feature set now allows for an alternative method of classifying objects which is quite similar (if not equivalent) to the approach Javascript utilizes.  This is great, but the approach completely undermines all the efforts made by the IDE to track class definitions.  I'd also like the opportunity to evaluate the usage of dynamic in these types of scenarios to ensure that uniformity is not giving way to novelty in my codebase.  It would be nice if I could evaluate such things before allowing a check-in; nicer if the IDE did it for me Wink

  • Hi Banjomatic - yeah the fuzziness is a known issue and is something that the team is working on. Thanks for the feedback!


  • Deactivated UserDeactivated User

    Comment removed at user's request.

  • Yes, connecting from VSTS2010 to TFS2008 is possible. I should have shown this in the video - d'oh!

    Note that depending on the configuration of your TFS2008 instance you might need to follow the steps outlined here:

    I know that the above steps are required when connecting to Codeplex, for example. This is likely something that will be fixed for Team Explorer 2010 when it RTM's but this is required in the beta under certain configurations.


  • Would it became faster? Since VC7, the IDE is so slow, slower and slower..

  • This is just a beta. Performance is a big push for the team for beta 2 and beyond.


  • DouglasHDouglasH Just Causual

    just a note, tfs 2010 will fail to load share point services on windows server 2008 r2.


  • Also, for C++ users, we continually hear how important performance is (especially compared back to VC6). There are a bunch of changes going into VC10 to make the IDE experience when writing C++ code a lot better than it was before. We covered some of these improvements here: http://channel9.msdn.com/posts/VisualStudio/Visual-CPP-10-10-is-the-new-6/.

  • I know you, i had tat dream before but as you said... it is a dream... eaither stop dreaming, or be sure these kind of dreams never come true Wink

  • Gilly_da_gr8Gilly da gr8 Gilly_da_gr8

    Is the download available for Windows 7 RC?

  • PerfectPhasePerfectPhase "This is not war, this is pest control!" - Dalek to Cyberman


    Check this out http://blogs.msdn.com/dstfs/archive/2009/05/15/installing-tfs-2010-on-windows-server-2008-r2-rc.aspx

    I was thinking about using R2, but could really see any advantage over the 2008 release for testing TFS.  The two Hyper-V machines I'm going to use for the virtual test lab though wll be R2.

  • PerfectPhasePerfectPhase "This is not war, this is pest control!" - Dalek to Cyberman

    Brian, you got ant hints how to get TFS installed and using a FQDN?  I have a second trusted domain that need to access this TFS machine.

  • DouglasHDouglasH Just Causual

    thanks for that after about an hour trying to figure out what needed to be removed from the sql server to reinstall got everything installed.  still can't find where tfsreports/defaultcollections is located at. so just made a new collection.


  • PerfectPhasePerfectPhase "This is not war, this is pest control!" - Dalek to Cyberman

    For next time, sign onto your reporting server as an admin at http://yourtfssrever/reports and there are two reports and a folder, delete all three.  The default collection is under the tfsReports folder.

  • Team Suite should work on Windows 7 but Team Foundation Server requires Windows Server.

  • I am checking on the FQDN settings. Stand by.

  • PerfectPhase, re: FQDN check out http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/tfsprerelease/thread/0aceaeb7-b28d-4d04-a0fe-6e7c38b30999

    I haven't done this myself but Aaron Block on the product team pointed me at this.

  • PerfectPhasePerfectPhase "This is not war, this is pest control!" - Dalek to Cyberman

    "1. If you are using SSL for RS, then you have to set up these SSL URLs at setup. (In Beta 1, it is not possible to change your RS connection URLs after the initial configuration)."

    Oh well, good job it's a vm and snap-shotted at the start of the install wizard Smiley  Guess I need to do a custom install to make this work.  This would be a really nice feature for the default wizard,  I only need it for people coming in over VPN's which I would have thought would be quite common, no SSL or any of that.

    Also has there been much improvement to make setting up permissions for RSS/WSS/TFS much easier?


  • TrilokTrilok Singh is Kingh



    This is really greate . awesome one .  i request that plz make these video longer aroung 60min. so that u gusy can explane some more tips and tricks .     We all (i think) enjoy by watching these videos. so plz take your time ..


  • PerfectPhase,

    Our permission management story is going to be the same. I believe the plan is to update this tool: http://www.codeplex.com/Wiki/View.aspx?ProjectName=TFSAdmin


  • Can you install just the .NET Framework 4 without VS2010 beta?

  • hi, can you please tell me that is it possible to install visual studio team suite on windows xp sp2?

    Do we need any windows server 2003 or 2008 to install visual studio 2008 team suite?

    Please hlp me..

  • Yes, you can install just the .NET Framework 4 - download links are available from the "Beta 1 home on MSDN" listed above in the details for this video post.


  • Yes it's possible to install Team Suite on SP2. The reason I used Windows Server was because this video also shows you how to install Team Foundation Server (which requires Windows Server).


  • I wonder if Visual Studio 2010 can run on Windows 2000 sp4.

    Thank you!

  • No, Windows Server 2000 is not one of the operating systems we target with this release.


  • Is there any reason why the vhd couldn't just include everything installed and ready to go? I've already spent 2 days just getting my vm configured, and now I come to discover that the TFS installer won't continue with <1024mb ram assigned to the vm. Now I am contemplating whether to start the entire process over since you mentioned there is a bug if you don't configure TFS 2010 Beta immediately after installation.

  • Luke,

    We're working on making a VM available with everything pre-installed, but part of the reason we didn't do this out of the gate is that for beta 1 we want to collect feedback on Setup. If we just shipped a VM that everybody downloaded then we would really limit the amount of setup-related feedback we collected.

    In terms of the issue related to launching TFS, see http://blogs.msdn.com/granth/archive/2009/05/20/visual-studio-team-system-2010-team-foundation-server-beta-1-installation-problems.aspx (Initial Configuration of Team Foundation Server Should be Run From MSI Program or by Command Line) for the workaround if you didn't launch immediately after setup.


  • Ah, good to know. After I restarted with more ram dedicated to my VM I ended up just doing an uninstall on TFS and starting the installation over, so all was not lost. Thanks for the info!

  • Video is not playing! Do I need something?

  • Stephan van StekelenburgAthemeX Here since the beginning


    The first time I tried to install TFS 2010 on a VM I failed miserably.. so then I watched Brian do it, and now everything works like a charm!

    Thanks Brian for the effort, it is much appreciated Smiley.

  • hi too all.

    it,s toooo great for all Developer.(vs 2010)

  • I've been working through the install video and have got an error at the point of creating the new team project that creates a new SharePoint site and source control folder (at about 19 minutes into the video). The error I'm getting is "TFS 30177 Team Project Creation Failed" and the dialog's text is copied below:




    TF30170: The plugin Microsoft.ProjectCreationWizard.Portal failed during task SharePointPortal from group Portal.


    Plugin error text: "Please contact your administrator. There was an error contacting the server. Technical information (for administrator): HTTP code 200: OK"

    User Action

    Contact your Team Foundation Server administrator.


    TF30144: The New Team Project Wizard attempted to roll back all of the steps taken to this point but was unsuccessful. Contact your Team Foundation Server administrator for further instructions.



    Can someone reference what I should do to correct this and move forward? 

  • no  artifical intalligence programming like joone for java  y do c # .c++ and virual basic have artifical  installigence code to use it will make life a lot is  if  virual studio have it


  • Se Puede Instalar en Windows XP SP3 ? Sad

  • achillesheal,


    For specific setup issues please refer to the forums linked in the details of this post.



  • Epidemik,


    Si, es possible, pero por Visual Studio Team Suite o Visual Studio Professional solamente. Team Foundation Server esta por Windows Server 2003 o 2008.



  • Is there anyway to just install Test Runner? That is really all I want to look at right now. Thanks!

  • i can't install VS 2010 on Window7 RTM, plz help me !

    Problem signature:
      Problem Event Name:    InPageError
      Error Status Code:    c0000023
      Faulting Media Type:    00000005
      OS Version:    6.1.7600.

  • Do I have to uninstall vs 2008 first to use the beta?

  • Sahil Ebrahimsahilebrahim Winston the pigeon

    you'd think that the beta would atleast install easily,lol


    yeah it does work if u already have an existing installation of vs2008 or vs2005...


    hmmmmm does this release make you coffee?

  • Sahil Ebrahimsahilebrahim Winston the pigeon

    hmmmmm does it make coffee too??

  • Yavuz MERCANYavuZ MERCAN www.​yavuzmercan.​com

    wooww very nice...


    thanks.. Brian Keller

  • Sorry for the late reply; Test Runner requires Test and Lab Manager. In Beta 1 we didn't make that available as a separate install but I believe we will in Beta 2.


    Also, Test and Lab Manager requires Team Foundation Server 2010 so at minimum you would need to set up both of those.

  • Sorry I'm not sure what error you're hitting on Win7. Works for me. Try beta 2 when it's available.

  • No you don't have to uninstall VS2008 first. But beta 1 is not supported for uninstall/upgrade so you'll want to put this on a machine that you don't really care about (or wait for beta 2).

  • Beta 1 doesn't make coffee. Beta 2 will but it's an easter egg feature. First one to find it gets a free t-shirt. Wink

  • Dutt AVRDutt Dutt - VS2010

    this is excellent , bunch of thanks brain for this awesome video.

    -- Dutt

  • , Mubshir Raza Ali wrote

    Of course you can on XP SP2!

    Mubshir | www.mubshir.com

     can u tell me how to install visualStudio2010 on XP SP2.

  • , lostasif wrote

    HI ..... Its great ....

    Please tell me that can we install Visual Studio 2010 on Windows XP...

    Currently the downloads are not available Sad

    can u tell me how to install visual studio2010 on XP2.

  • jiteshjitesh

    @lostasif:  you can  install vb 2010 in xp 2 or 3 but u need minimam 2 gb ram wann your speed low

  • rajraj

    HI ..... Its great ....
    Please tell me that can we install Visual Studio 2010 on windows diemond

  • sadiqnoorsadiqnoor

    @lostasif:yes just visit the site of the specific sudio on click the download you will get it , or follow the instructions

  • peacepeace

    @lostasif:yes,visual studio 2010 can be download on windows xp..

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