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    Enrique GC

    For me Workflow services is a mixed bag, there are few things I’m not willing to trade off :

    -Contract First: it’s just awkward, I want be able to declare the service contract and then pick the operation to implement in the receive shape.

    -I want to be able to group workflows as service operations instead of independent services, for example in the video you have HRService, what if I want to have a single  workflow for process the application , other dedicated to check the application status, other for vacation request, other for raise request, other for complains  and so on, all related to HRServices however I can’t host all of  them under http://localhost:8080/HRservices and “see” them as operations( ProcessApplication, CheckApplicationStatus, VacationRequest, RaiseRequest, Complains )  I’ll have to host each of them under different addresses and treat them as separate services, in other words I’ll end up having for example:






    To accomplish the desire functionality (single service many operation) today we have to use parallel/ pick shapes which again doesn’t feel natural.

    Just my thoughts, other than that; thanks and keep up the good work

    Enrique G.

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    cool stuff Smiley but the vb only syntax just ruins it for me.. when i have a c# project i want to write c#. imo the workflow syntax should be whatever the project language is..

    as for intellisense, can you use the editor that vs uses? it has c# intellisense, so compiler as a service cant be a requisite there Smiley

    this would seem av even better option in vs10 with its MEF:ed componentization..


    anyhow, i see WF as something that could have great potential for prototyping / service orchestration and such, i do however see it as something devs will use, not "excel types" as they will hand things over to a dev anyway as soon as visual studio is mentioned Smiley with VB force feeding however i dont see WF4 hitting the (non VB)dev main stream im sad to say :/


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    Hey Ron,


    great stuff ... BUT ... 


    where have your doors in the background gone to? Between Part 1 and Part 2 ???


    FUNNY :O)

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    Hi Ron, this is great. But it's not in VS2010 Training Kit. Where can I get it?

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