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    I can't speak for anyone else but it is getting harder and harder to get podcasts at work these days.  We have a nightmare Blue Coat installation and I have to beg for download locatoins.  I got but not this skyscraper site.  Would it be possible to get the show on the site?

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    Robbie C
    The exception story is one that we've been discussing a lot at work recently.  We decided against including exception types in the WSDLs to ensure greater simplicity and instead use a set of common fault codes (across several services).  It's not a million miles away from the exception shielding that Don was discussing here. 

    I like the sound of the data contract, it reminds me of a podcast you had with Martin Folwer I believe about consumer driven contracts. 

    Cool stuff Smiley
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    Are you having trouble downloading the podcast from

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