Developing Access 2010 Hybrid Apps with Dick Moffat

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    Unrelated but it would be great to have Outlook 2010 BCM delivered in this hybrid fashion.  Right now, its painfully limited in your ability to share a BCM database with a group outside a "corporate" network.  Small businesses like mine that operate out of multiple home offices really could utilize some thing like this or alternatively for BPOS Online to host BCM for us.  Also, the Office/Access team  might want to think about allowing users to extend Outlook using MS Access.

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    David Bartel

    In the hybrid model, is there a need/concern about compacting the database like there is in .mdb format?  If so, is it up to each individual user to perform the compact/repair task or is it something that can be pushed out?

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    Tadeyo Lungu

    This is so great.  However, in this thirdworld where the internet connectivity is so bad, I have been have been having problems to listen to the show in complete, at the same time I have tried to download on several occassions but even that has been a challenge and have failed to download completely.  I am therefore requesting if you could forward the file to me through the email.  I thank you so much in advance

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