There is no Office 13 - But Why?

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Microsoft is full of oddities and little known answers to mysterious questions. The purpose of this series is to seek out those answers and offer them to you. Please comment with other questions you'd like to get answered!

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But Why, Office



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The Discussion

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    Why is that guys face so familiar? Who is that again?

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    Office14 pronounced in Chinese sounds like "Office is dead".....In Chinese, 4 has the same pronounciation as die/death/dead

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    Your intonation is wrong. 14 = second intonation and 4th intonation. But, is dead is 4th intonation and 3rd intonation.

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    Who is he indeed? I like him.

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    I'm disappointed that a technology company will go for such superstition. However MS got cliens whose iintelligence might be questionable and may skip office 13.

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    Isn't it easier to just say that Office 13 was Office 2008 for Mac? Being that it was never able to read the gradients in my xlsx spreadsheets from Office 2007 (Office 12), I'd consider it unlucky.


    Of course... the Office 2010 web apps aren't currently rendering the gradients properly either...

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    NICE! Office 2008 for Mac WAS Office 13. Office for Mac did do one thing it was intended to do - get me to switch back to a PC. Smiley

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    I agree.  I wonder what other decisions are based in superstition.

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    The ButWhy I would like to see is what happened to the photo screen saver from Vista?  It was great with these nice collage effects and even played video clips.  I loved it.  The one for Windows 7 is just a slide show of images and it doesn't even work right on multiple monitors.  But Why?

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    LOL...I agree, Office 2008 for Mac IS Office 13 - it's the reason why I have a VM with Office 2K7 installed, I can't tolerate the Mac version Smiley


    On a separate note, I wonder why the path for PowerShell v2 (included with Win 7 and Server 2K8) is: 




    Great show, BTW.

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    Skipped 13 but chose 14 => You want to diminish your Chinese market share? As I recall "14" is practically equal to "instant death" in Chinese superstition. I now Sybase jumped ASE 12.5 => ASE 15 and PowerDesigner 12.5 => PowerDesigner 15. But then again, CEO of Sybase is John Chen of Chinese heritage.

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