Cloud Cover Episode 18 - ASP.NET Providers

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    Vincent Lauzon




    Great show guys, very informative and quirky!


    You invited us to provide topics that interest us, well here is one.


    A topic I would like you to cover is the "environments".  By that I mean "dev", "Staging" & "Production".  For instance, can we have more environments than those three (e.g. UAT), what is carried around from one environment to the other, what is isolated (e.g. storage?), how to manage configuration transition (e.g. connection string SQL Server in dev, SQL Azure in staging & prod) and how could you manage "secrets" (e.g. if I don't want my developers to have access to the login / password of a write-account in SQL Azure Production)?


    Otherwise, Steve mentionned the storage in production isn't based on SQL Server in production (as opposed to the dev fabric).  I'm curious about how the actual implementation looks like.  Is there any article around that give us an idea of how it's built in production?






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    Michael Cramer

    Remember, you did have one show where you swapped names. It was obvious to most of us, but maybe if you only saw that one show it would be confusing to someone.

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