Cloud Cover Episode 23 - AppFabric Service Bus

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The Discussion

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    SQL Azure Database Copy! That really made me happy! I'm seriously running out of arguments to use my on-premise SQL... Big Smile Big Smile

    Thanks for the great show! Cracked me up good this time! hahahaha!!!


    I pity the fools who say you can't combine triple A stand-up comedy and azure service bus into one mix!


    You guys rock! Smiley

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    Ha! "Now we didn't know a lot about Wade, prior to him being on the show..."


    I can't wait to try the Perfmon viewer.



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    "Oh, I thought you needed that for the demo, sorry!"


    LMAO! Legendary!



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    SQL Azure Database Copy is just what I've been looking for this week for one of our multi tenant systems!

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    You guys always seem to find a way to make it look like I'm watching something NSFW just as my boss walks by... but it's worth taking the hit on my annual review to enjoy the comedy duo of Smarx & Dunn. Great job guys!

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