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    Is .net 4 going to be supported?
    Can I copy/paste between Blend and Illustrator/Photoshop?

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    Yay!  Source Control Integration!!!

    About time! Smiley
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    I too want to hear about .Net 4.0 support for Blend 3.

    What about WPF? Will it be updated to support all of these fancy Silverlight features?
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    .Net 4.0 support will be added to Blend at a later point of time (when .Net 4.0 support is publicly available).

    There are very few select features in Blend 3 Preview that don't currently work in WPF because of the current lack of platform support (the only ones I can think of right now are interpolators and projection transform) - our plan is to support Silverlight and WPF uniformly, and innovate on both platforms. Stay tuned for future WPF platform enhancement announcements!

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    Excellent! I can't wait!
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    Is the font issue in Silverlight going to be resolved?
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    The Download link for the WMV (HD) version is broken. Can this be fixed please?

    UPDATE: Looks like someone beat me to it. Right mouse click to save target as is now working Smiley
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    The screencapture on this video looks horribly blurry, both in the SL player and WMV High. There was another video here recently where the screencapture looked perfect, as if the app was running locally. Maybe put out some guidelines on how to do and edit the captures properly. And share them. Smiley

    This was the video that looks much better. That should be the default quality level for all demo content.
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    will there ever be an express ersion of blend? (or some other free edition) working at a company funded by venture cap in these time doesnt make it easy to convince my managers to buy anything without proof of awsomeness :/

    also, i was kinda disapointed by the lack of detail on behaviours and sketchflow at mix :/ (granted all not all sessions are online yet as im writing this) behaviours in perticular seems really useful, not only for designers but also as a way to encapsulate and abstract functionality => clear up code.

    are behaviours just design time things or are the classes with arrtibutes or some kind of interface or what? it'd be really great to have more detail on that.

    one other thing about sketch flow, what about exsisting apps? more often than not we're extending something that already exsist, either as a Vnext or some kind of extension, just beeing able to get all the diffrent views into a sketch flow would be very useful for for example simplyfing exsisting ui.. is that something thats coming?

    while blend has been interseting before blend3 knock it up a notch indeed. id really like to see more of it here on channel9
    folks here may be devs at heart but i think all of us are a little bit of everything Smiley (imo every dev that has ever made ui is a visual designer, perhaps not a great one, but a designer still)
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    I saw the Gu on stage talking about the new blend.  Very nice and much appreciated all the changes they have made for the designers out there.

    As a graphic artist, I'm very much looking forward to my shop making the upgrade.

    Kudos to frame 9:21 in the video.  LOL That's my green clock dial on the screen.  NEAT!
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    That's great to hear and congrats on the quick cameo of your clock.  What a nice clock dial Smiley

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