WPF 4 Beta 1 Designer - Styling Improvements

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    Hi Jeni

    1. At present we have nothing to announce on localization support in the WPF and Silverlight designer

    2. Event handler hookup has now been supported in the Properties Window (on the Events tab) since Visual Studio 2008 Service Pack 1, and this will be retained in Visual Studio 2010. Is that what you meant or was it something else?

    3. No, it's not XAML only in Visual Studio 2010! See the earier video in this series  https://channel9.msdn.com/shows/Continuum/WPF4Beta1DesignerForms/ for full details of the updated data binding experience - we now have a full RAD drag-and-drop creation experience, and a detailed property browser driven experience for creating and updating databinding statements. So definitley not a XAML code only experience (although if you prefer to use XAML we have also added markup extension intellisense for that scenario to make it easier)

    4. We currently do not expect to provide an item template editor in the Visual Studio 2010 release, but it is definitley possible to use the databinding picker to configure many item templates' bindings, so you don't need to type the markup extensions yourself by hand. We would like to add a visual item template editor in a future release beyond Visual Studio 2010.

    5. In Visual Studio 2010, User Controls are added automatically to the toolbox just as they are in Windows Forms designer, so you can drag-drop. It has always been possible (since Visual Studio 2008 released) to add custom controls to the toolbox using the Choose Items dialog box.

    If you need further clarifications, just ask!


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    Hi, I'm the guy behind xamltemplates.net I was wondering what are the controls that are shipped with WPF 4 (besides the ones in previous versions), because I wan't to create packages also for the next version and whan't to include styles for all the controls, thanks.

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