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WPF 3.5 SP1 offers killer graphic capabilities that were demonstrated in the last video with David Teitlebaum.  In this video, David has dropped by to help us announce the WPF Pixel Shader Effects Library.  The library includes 23 Effects and 26 Transitions and is available with source code at http://codeplex.com/wpffx.

After shooting the video, we realized we didn't show all of the effects and any of the transitions.  To see the library in action check out the WPF Effects Library Demo video.



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The Discussion

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    cool stuff Smiley
    pixelshaders arent beeing talked about nearly enough imo.. they are an incredibly powerful addition to the framework Smiley
    multiple shders on a single element would be even cooler though.. Smiley
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    These are cool, but I wish someone released a library with pixelshader effects more designed for UI elements. Most of these effects wouldn't be routinely used in UI design. For starters, I'd like a good replacement for the Outerglow bitmap effect, and I'd also like a few other types of glow effects, like those mimicking the ones you see on the taskbar. Im sure there are others I could think of also. I don't know how to do HLSL yet myself.
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    I just posted an new entry entitled WPF Effects and Transitions Library Applied that provides a very simple application using the Effects Library.  The source code should help you get started using the library in your own applications.
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    Andreas Germany

    Hello everybody,
    one more great demonstration of David Teitlebaum. I appreciate your efforts.
    I got one urgent question, that does not directly belong to the sujects mentioned, but you are the by far best informed guys I know.
    Are there plans to integrate XNA into WPF? All solutions I know for this are not more than bad working hacks.
    As a serious graphics programmer, this is an important issue for me.
    Lots of thanks and geetings from Berlin.

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