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    cool stuff Smiley
    pixelshaders arent beeing talked about nearly enough imo.. they are an incredibly powerful addition to the framework Smiley
    multiple shders on a single element would be even cooler though.. Smiley
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    These are cool, but I wish someone released a library with pixelshader effects more designed for UI elements. Most of these effects wouldn't be routinely used in UI design. For starters, I'd like a good replacement for the Outerglow bitmap effect, and I'd also like a few other types of glow effects, like those mimicking the ones you see on the taskbar. Im sure there are others I could think of also. I don't know how to do HLSL yet myself.
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    I just posted an new entry entitled WPF Effects and Transitions Library Applied that provides a very simple application using the Effects Library.  The source code should help you get started using the library in your own applications.
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    Andreas Germany

    Hello everybody,
    one more great demonstration of David Teitlebaum. I appreciate your efforts.
    I got one urgent question, that does not directly belong to the sujects mentioned, but you are the by far best informed guys I know.
    Are there plans to integrate XNA into WPF? All solutions I know for this are not more than bad working hacks.
    As a serious graphics programmer, this is an important issue for me.
    Lots of thanks and geetings from Berlin.

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