XAML Guidelines, Part 1

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Ever wonder how the experts organize their XAML-based projects?

With the help of Jaime Rodriguez, the WPF guy on my team, we've put together a 3 part video series on XAML Guidelines. The videos along with a whitepaper available at the end of this week answer questions like "How do you structure your application?" "How do you work across disciplines?" and more.

In this episode, Jaime interviews the trifecta from Identity Mine - Jonathan Russ (developer), Nathan Dunlap (integrator) and Jared Potter (designer). 

This video is longer than normal episodes so I thought I'd break the video into time codes:
1:45 – How do you structure your projects?

3:36 - Where do you place images and resources?

5:14 – How do you partition Resource Dictionaries?

7:06 – How do you keep generic.xaml organized?

8:00 – Do you start with Simple Styles or Blend?

8:43 – Static Resources or Dynamic Resources?

11:12 – What are your naming conventions?

15:36 - Does the x:Name attribute have to be first?

16:49 – Do you have a special way you format your XAML?

19:38 – Do you add Attributes to your controls?

24:52 – Who creates the control templates?

26:58 – Anything else?



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