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endpoint.tv Screencast - Creating Your First WCF Service

10 minutes, 19 seconds


Right click “Save as…”

This is the first video in the weekly WF/WCF Screencast series.

In this short video, CSD MVP Aaron Skonnard from PluralSight guides the viewer through how to create your first WCF Service. The screencast walks you through creating the service from scratch in VS2008 - defining a data contract, a service contract, and testing/hosting the service in VS2008.

For additional information on WCF, please check out the WCF Dev Center on MSDN and the .NET Endpoint team blog. For more information on classes offered by Aaron and the PluralSight folks, check out their catalog of instructor led courses and new online courses that cover a variety of Microsoft technologies, ranging from .NET v3.5 to WSS to BizTalk server.

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  • Oops, something didn't work.

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  • why doesn't clicking on the screencast do anything?
    Browser is IE6... Even in microsoft own stuff nothing works as it should. Sad

  • Downloaded the wmv and played on VLC on Mac OS X  - no problem at all.  Excellent intro to WCF, I really liked this screencast.
  • Ely LucasEly
    Hmm, I don't get any sound through the stream or downloading it. 
  • ShilpaShilpa Mule Shilpa
    Strange...I could hear only sound but the presentation was not progressing throughout ..it was stuck on the first slide only...
  • How far did you try listening through the screencast? There is only one slide (title slide) for about 45 seconds, then it goes to Visual Studio for demonstration.

    (I tried it from my desktop and laptop, and both seem to be working okay)

  • I encountered the same problem as Shilpa.    It stucks at the first slide.    I stayed through the whole presentation.  When I rewound on the presentation, I began to see something but then it stuck there again while I could hear the presenter continue talking.
  • It still looks okay to me on Vista and Win7 - are you downloading? watching 'streamed'? Are you using Windows Media Player to watch it? Or another app?

  • Hi Cliff,

    Yes, I was using Windows Media Player to watch it.  The version is    I am on Windows XP.   What I did was clicking the big green play button on top of this page.   I try to download (through the download link) but that did not work for me too.   Please advise. 
  • Sound only here too !

  • Both silverlight and downloaded versions work great in IE 8.

    why do all these demo stop, when they get it running on the development server. We have to deploy these services to our hosting site. Which file do I deploy to my discount ASP.Net site?

  • How can i download this as an .wmv ? Please answer quickly...

  • To download it as .wmv file:

    You see "Formats" below the Video.Click it and right click WMV(High).

    "Save Target as " to your local folder.


    The video is gr8 with good quality.

    Better install Silverlight and upgrade your Hardware if any issues.


    It works fine with Windows 7 and IE8 and Silverlight.

  • Aaronatarikg Hardcore

    I don't know what happened you guys but it's working great. Thanks for the video.

  • works great only after i sign-in.

    before sign-in, video was chop off from the embedded screen.


    after sign-in, all is good.

    excellent tut btw.


    viewing from IE8, Vista.




  • Please PRONOUNCE 'W' as Double - U, not DEV, or DUB.    It was aggravating and distracting to hear DUB - C - F, instead of the PROPER ENGLISH pronunciation:  "Double - U - C - F"

  • Working Fine For Me Smiley Thanks....!!

  • cool.  you can write a pretty quick WCF service/application/thing.  do you have one that EXPLAINS what you're doing?  Where is this data being stored?  Where can I find an actual enterprise/real world environment example beyond "for the purposes of this demo".

  • I guess for free this is a good lesson.  Bare bones with respect to explaining what any of this actually means.  I'll try a virtual lab.

  • Try on Internet Explorer. It will work. If still the problem, download Silverlight from Microsoft website.

  • The source code for the project discussed in this screencast and others would be of tremendous help to everyone. Thank you.Smiley

  • I haven't watched the full thing through yet, but it's a bit strange that the guy has a "sb" endpoint configured on the client tab of the WCF editor, that he hasn't mentioned before he claims you can hit F5 and away you go.. but, but but.. what about that endpoint? Maybe he'll tell me about it in another few mins, maybe not.

  • Ashok kumarkak.mca Ashok


    Good morning to all.

    I am newbie to WCF. I have done exactly like in the video. But I am not getting palce to enter Submitter or Comments, or SubmittedDate.


    The page is simply populating with invoke button.


    What could be the problem?


    Advace thanks.

  • Way cool man. This answers a lot of questions for me.

  • I've tried reading some WCF books and they got too bogged down with architecture details. This video was exactly what I needed to get my hands dirty. Thanks Aaron!

  • Nitin J SawantNitinSawant Nitin


  • Good intro.   Thanks for making it available.

    My only criticism is that the narrator seems to say "dub" or "dove" rather than "double-you" - it's a little distracting.

  • Brilliant! Its truly helpful



  • Good Intro to WCF.


    Thank You!

  • Why Silverlight? This doesn't work on my Archos 5 Sad If I have to download it I guess that'll work...

  • Well, I find it pretty heavy to digest for a first contact, or should I say a first contract!


    And I'm pissed at M$ for making me install Silverlight, which I DON'T TRUST.  That's another technology that will be subject to security issues, just reading about it makes me want to uninstall it.  The web is the web, we shouldn't be forced to make our browsers able to run complete applications which can mess with our computers.  And do we really need this to watch videos? I don't think so!


    That being said, I'm still at the starting point with WCF and now have my computer infected Scared

  • Found this to be an easier startup point :


    (Intertech - WCF)


    a little bit longer though...  

  • Its good post for the people who are new to WCf and way of the explanation was awesome..

    I have done the same thing but getting an error like below when I run the application

    Unhandled Exception: System.IO.FileLoadException: Could not load file or assembly 'svcutil, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b03f5f7f11d50a3a' or one of its dependencies. Strong name validation failed. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8013141A)
    File name: 'svcutil, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b03f5f7f11d50a3a' ---> System.Security.SecurityException: Strong name validation failed. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8013141A)
    The Zone of the assembly that failed was:

  • IE 6 is no longer supported by Microsoft and Facebook, Google and many other companies and web developers.  http://www.cio.com/article/593681/IE6_Past_Its_Expiration_Date_Says_Microsoft?source=rss_news

  • Good one for a novice like me! Smiley

  • thanks, its really good stuff. 

  • I only hear the sounds for the first few sec or 1 min but afterward, the video starts fine.

  • DrSprocDrSproc

    @robertivanc: You need silverlight installed... to see it on the web

  • SRSR

    Excellent introduction

  • FeiFei


  • FeiFei


  • JohnJohn

    Excellent video.  Very simple, very direct, very helpful!

  • ankur soniankur soni

    i don't get the dll file at bin can you please suggest wat to do????????

  • @ankur soni: when you compile the proyect, the dll is automatically generated at bin folder.

    Try this: ctrl+shift+B

  • Heena VermaHeena Verma


  • BijuBiju

    Hi,     I tried making the same service as mentioned in the video in VS2010, and when i tried running the application to host the service I get an error as
    Unable to start program 'c:\program files (x86)\microsoft visual studio 10.0\common7\ide\wcfsvchost.exe'.
    Can you please help me with this?
    With regards Biju

  • sandesh daddisandesh daddi

    Thanks,   very good tutorial..very good for beginners like me
    Sandesh daddi

  • Vikas RaoVikas Rao

    Thanks for the tutorial.
    Tried WCF for the first time through this tutorial...

  • Hello, I have enjoyed this video up to the point to trying to get it to run. When I press the F% key to start the application i get the following message: "Program 'J:\Users\TomJ\Documents\Visual Studio 2010\Projects\EvalServiceLibrary\EvalServiceLibrary\obj\Debug\EvalServiceLibrary.exe' does not contain a static 'Main' method suitable for an entry point EvalServiceLibrary"

    I have both VS2010 Express and VS2010 Professional Trial versions of this environment. I have successfully ran other small WCF/WPF service/client applications with no problems. I even went back to all of them and searched for the "MAIN()" entry point which none of them have. Can someone help me resolve this issue? Thanks in advance . . .


  • GokulaKrishnanGokula​Krishnan

    Hai All,
    I have tried to download this series of video's(Windows Communication Foundation Screencasts). I have downloaded some of the video's. Most of the video's are not download. This is give error message as "Media failure. try reloading the page or visiting the main site for assistance". I have reloaded those pages which pages got error, it still no use. Any one guide me to download all the video's in this series. Do the needful ASAP..

  • @GokulaKrishnan: I have the same problem, which comes from Silverlight ( all these videos are hosted in Silverlight). It is strange that Microsoft does not have answer for this ( My platform is Windows 7 nad IE 8, Silverlight 4).



  • Muyassar SaeedMuyassar Saeed

    thanks alot dude..
    surely you are an experienced person...

  • Gerardo Melendrezpayini Gerardo Melendrez

    Cool demo. Thanks.

  • @robertivanc: Dude! IE6!? Seriously? Are you kidding me!? Have you considered using a proper modern day browser?

  • JralJral

    Why would you use a string as the ID of the Eval???
    Surely 'int' would be the preferred choice, no?

  • JralJral

    Don't mind me...didn't realise at the time that the ID is a GUID - but why not keep the GUID type instead of converting to a string?
    a moment ago
    Why would you use a string as the ID of the Eval???Surely 'int' would be the preferred choice, no?


    Well, without captions / subtitles, it's very difficult for a deaf developer to follow this video - I have to Google to discover how to make the "WCF Test Client" to appear, as the presenter appears to do stuff with shortcuts (the keyboard is not visible in the video, but probably is saying what he or she types) so some things that appear without mouse clicks seems to just show up magically.

  • TT

    @robertivanc: Because you are using anequated tech which will no longer be supported by microsoft this year. IE6 is too old to continue to support.

  • Thanks for the video. Very smartly done.

  • nemkenemke

    Presenter forgot to add svc file in order to run wcf test client.
    Without svc, F5 is useless :)

  • fr33fr33

    This video is working great, I actually did this! Wasn't that hard! Now I now how to make a WS using WCF, well kind of, I know I need more to learn, but this is a start! Now to see more tuts/vids about WCF :)

    Thanks for this great Tutorial

    10/10 RATING!


    LOL guys nothing wrong video, first 45 sec 1 slide just talking and after that demo. Sound is fine also. There is no reason click video hover over the video menu shows up at bottom of the video.

  • Well done, very succinct - there is a lot here for 10 mins of training.

  • GuyGuy

    Very good

  • ShankyeeShankyee

    Its very good video.
    If any another for database connectivity it will be great...

  • Caught in the pastCaught in the past

    Where's the VS 2010 walkthrough?

  • NewbyNewby

    Is there a place where I can download the code used for this video?
    Thanks in advance

  • SerajSeraj

    After lots of google I found something valuable and easy to Learn WCF.

  • Muhammad AjmalMuhammad Ajmal

    thanks for this nice intro

  • jyotijyoti

    I have create a service but when i configure the service name through edit configuration then it not show the service name in .dll file of my service
    so please, you remove my problem

  • Fine DayFine Day

    Would be really nice to have this in VB as well.

  • IdanIdan

    Thanks for this wonderful intro!

  • Sandeep KawaleSandeep Kawale

    Thanks for sharing... Very nice learning session...

  • SteveSteve

    Great video -- Thanks!

  • Great intro, many thanks.

  • zozzancszozzancs

    Well. I thought it is just a "Hello world" example. I'm lucky, because i know linq and i used Guid earlier, which is not that trivial if you are a beginner.
    Could microsoft just please make a video about a dead simple exampe? Like returning the actual date or something?


    It is useful for the begeners

  • Steve StacelSteve Stacel


    You certainly know your stuff. I think you need to slow down, you go way to fast. I had to watch each video many times before I got the hang of this.

  • AdityaAditya

    Good One

  • imranimran

    Nice video

  • Skippy HandlemanSkippy Handleman

    Every time you say "dub cee eff" I want to kick you in the balls. It's a * DOUBLE-YOU.

  • Luiz HenriqueLuiz Henrique

    Very cool video, useful and direct. Nice job !

  • TitoTito

    This is awesome. It is very helpful for me and this link
    also helped me to complete my task.

    Thanks !

  • priyankapriyanka

    Thank you for the use full video.

  • subhansubhan

    Excellent work...
    Most useful thing ...
    Knowledge is mean to b transferred..otherwise it has no meaning...

  • DeepakDeepak

    Thanks for a good learning session.

  • This is an excellent video of creating a WCF Service. Thank you!

  • Lousy "tutorial". It's one of those typical so-called tutorials where you follow along blindly: "Click here, type type this, press this button, open that window, etc."

    Of course it's easy to follow along (monkey see, monkey do) but the author never explains WHY you are clicking here or typing this or that. In other words, no concepts are ever discussed. You won't learn much by watching this "tutorial" because the author never provides a context for what you're doing and why. He offers no explanations of underlying concepts.

    Totally useless.

  • MohanMohan

    Its working great..opened automatically in media player..nice introduction...

  • adarsh anandadarsh anand

    thanks...i got lots of knowledge...but can u tell where this will be applicable.

  • EricEric

    Useless ... the demo is totally void of context. I have no idea what is talking with what. You as well have been talking about tea futures on the Chinese commodities market.

  • PengPeng

    This is a good intro video, if you have already known a bit about wcf, e.g., ServiceContract, DataContract, host, binding, and so on...

  • TheUsersTheUsers

    Lol you use IE 6

  • kamleshkamlesh

    This video provide well presentation about WCF..thnx for contributing

  • PrabhakarPrabhakar

    It's great

  • nareshnaresh

    video sound not working properly

  • murat sahinmurat sahin

    this is a well-prepared first example. thanks. :)

  • javedjaved

    Thanks for sharing such great video for biginners it help us alot...

  • SteveSteve

    Everytime he says "dub cf" I want to shoot myself. I guess it makes it worse that I learned VB instead of C#.

  • Neeraj GuptaNeeraj Gupta

    Gr8 description here...

  • mikemike

    Says i need to upgrade to view it. I'm using IE8, Microsoft need to sort htis

  • Khushbu GargKhushbu Garg

    Its really good video to start.

  • DavidDavid

    I get the following error when trying to point the configuration at my dll (6:05 in the video):

    Could not load file or assembly 'file:///D:\Projects\EvalServiceLibrary\EvalServiceLibrary\bin\Debug\EvalServiceLibrary.dll' or one of it's dependencies. This assembly is built by a runtime newer than the currently loaded runtime and cannot be loaded.

  • This was a very nice example to get me going with WCF. When creating the class that utilized the interface, it was cool how you called in the methods. A lot of shortcuts I learned from this tutorial as well.


  • NishanthNishanth

    Nice presenation in a easily understandable manner. Thanks

  • StinkySQLStinkySQL Let's just hope the lesser two evils is the funnier one.

    Quick, concise and accurate. Learned a lot, thanks.

    Couple of differences noted while doing this in the VS 2012 RC.
        1) Starting project was "WCF Service Application"
        2) You can keep the data section separate but don't try to start the IEvalService or EvalService files using a class. Add the ""WCF Service" instead and you will get both.
        3) The App.Config portion can be skipped.

    F5 and the WCF Test Client runs just fine.


     UPDATE: Apparently later videos depend upon this project being a "WCF Library" so you may want to go that route. In that case you will need to play with the app.config as stated. I did it both ways in VS2012 - works as advertised.

  • Harish N GowdaHarish N Gowda

    That's an amazing piece of work. Thanks a lot.

  • Jijy RonyJijy Rony

    Great Presentation and Explanations. Thanks Aaron

  • salaha zacariasalaha zacaria

    the best

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