endpoint.tv Screencast - Running Workflows in your .NET Applications

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The Discussion

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    Kyle D

    Would it be possible to get the source code?

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    i have a problem with
        static WorkflowMediator()

            runtime= new WorkflowRuntime("ShoppingCart");

    where do you specify "ShoppingCart" ??


    the point is that  i followed the video, step by step, but in the moment that i run the code, dosn't works and fell in 
            runtime= new WorkflowRuntime("ShoppingCart");

    and this is the error

    please help me

    La sección de configuración "ShoppingCart" no se encuentra en el archivo de configuración.
    Nombre del parámetro: configSectionName

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    Did u get the code?


    I m also looking for it.


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    I keep getting a Media Failure error.  I was able to watch the first two screencasts under 

    Endpoint Screencast Series (WF 3.0 - 3.5)

    at the link below, but all others, I get the Media Failure error.



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