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AppFabric has this great new Dashboard that gives you insight into what is happening with your services and workflows. In this video, Senior Programming Writer Michael McKeown shows you what the Dashboard can do for you.





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The Discussion

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    Im not getting any video.  What codec was used?

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    Does this dashboard slows down any performance with the WF Services?

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    No - event tracing is done through Event Tracing for Windows which is very fast and the database writes are handled asynchronously

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    John Majerle

    Hi.  I have configured monitioring for my workflow service.  When I go to the 'Tracked Events' page for my service, it finds many items for the several runs of my service.  However, towards the top I get a "Erors(s) encountered" error status.  When I click that, it states: "An error occurred when retrieving the list.  Review details for additional information.  The specified database is not a valid Monitoring database or is not available."

    Since it found 73 items, I assume that the monitioring database is valid and that there is some sort of credentials problem when viewing it from AppFabric.  Can you give me some suggestions on how I can track down the cause of the failure?  Is there any way to get more detailed information about what might have triggered this error?


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