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WCF DataServices are great. Windows Server AppFabric is great. And what do you get when you put these two great things together? You get a template for Visual Studio, including guidance on how you can monitor and route your WCF DataService with Windows Server AppFabric.

    AppFabric WCF Data Service (C#) (Visual Studio Gallery)
    endpoint.tv - AppFabric WCF DataService (VB)

Ron Jacobs
blog        https://blogs.msdn.com/rjacobs
twitter     @ronljacobs

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The Discussion

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    Very nice, the guidance tool is something I'd love to start using internally when I get some time.
    One question about ETW, do you have any information about using it for my own apps outside of appFabric, last time I investigated, it looked a horrid experience for the .Net developer.

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    Not sure about using ETW directly but the AppFabricEvent provider included with the template makes it pretty easy.

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