Building Channel 9: Inside EvNet - Part 1

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You asked. We deliver. Meet the developers behind Channel 9 (and 8, 10, Edge and Mike Sampson, Erik Porter, Duncan Mackenzie and Nathan Heskew are the super talented devs who built C9 V4. Unlike the older versions of Channel 9, V4 is a completely new codebase. Gone are the days of stitching together half-baked technologies (though, they did scale and Bryn and I deserve some credit for that! ).

EvNet, which is the codebase that powers all of our channels, was written from the ground up. How is the codebase designed? What's the architecure? What did each developer work on? What were some of the challenges? Who are these dev geniuses, anyway? This is part one of the great conversation with the folks who build and innovate Channel 9. Tune in.


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