Using claims for driving web sites... without writing any code

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Claims-based identity allows you to externalize authentication and authorization code, moving it out of your applications, so that you can focus on the functionalities you want to implement rather than worrying about plumbing details.
In this first IdElement screencast Vittorio shows you exactly that. We walk a mile in the shoes of a developer while is creating a web page: thanks to the Geneva Framework and a small sample ASP.NET control, the developer will be able to leverage identity information for driving the behavior of his page... without writing a single line of code and practicallywithout knowing anything about identity management ! You can try this yourself on your own machine by downloading the sample code on Code Gallery.

In the next screencasts we will go in more details and, walking you through the labs in the Identity Developer Training Kit, we will learn what happens under the hood: for today’s opening episode we wanted a scenario that shows what can be accomplished with claims, also to whom may not be familiar with identity management terminology.

URL References

ClaimsDrivenModifierControl sample
Identity Developer Training Kit
“Geneva” Forum on MSDN
"Geneva" Team Blog
Microsoft code name "Geneva" 
The Identity key topic on Channel 9



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