Inside Windows Phone #03: Optimizing Windows Phone Silverlight Applications

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Shane Guillet, the test lead for Silverlight on Windows Phone, joins Jaime Rodriguez for some hands-on tips and tricks and advice for those wanting to create fast Silverlight applications for Windows Phone.

Relevant links:
Shane's performance paper and samples
Silverlight performance team's blog
Oren Nachman blog

(Oren is a Silverlight performance tester on Shane's team and Shane might be sharing tips via that blog until we convince him to get his own.)



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The Discussion

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    Are there plans to implement socket support for Windows Phone 7 at some time in the future, or will they be left out altogether? It would be difficult to develop P2P games for example, if socket support is left out.

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    Great stuff, looking forward to this series.


    Keep em coming ...

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    Thank you for this video. It was one of the most interesting I have ever seen!

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    IDWMaster, sockets support has not been announced/committed.  It is a very common ask, so I am sure it will be prioritized highly..  Unfortunately we are just getting done with the current release and have not completed planning for the next releases, so nothing to announce at this point..

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    Doh!  Why aren't all the Silverlight 4 embedded players support pinned full-screen.  For us multi-monitor users out here, it is very annoying to have the video go out of full screen mode when we try to do something on the other monitor.

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    The .docx in the "paper and samples" download is corrupt?

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