Ping 14: Bing, VPlay, Zune HD, Celebrifeed, Mediaroom

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    Laura & Paul,

    Great job on the video.  Paul thanks for the "top-secret mention" it was great!  I enjoyed Paul not thinking everything was "wonderful" or "great" and having strong opinions.

    I have to agree with Paul about certain social network sites.  I don't think a lot people "get" them.  I think a lot of people "tweet" because they can, as opposed to thinking before they speak.

    I think Bing is a great idea, it works most of the time.  The part that frustrates me is when you search an acronum which also matches a company name, for example "UPS".  I attempted to click "Search for other results containing UPS" and I didn't find anything about Uninterrupted Power Supplies which is what I'm looking for.  If I Google UPS, it's the 7th result.

    If Bing is a decision engine then it should also understand that acronums can have multiple meanings.  Even if i search "What is a UPS" I still get very centric results.

    The other parts of the search engine I enjoy, I like how it organizes images, how quick searching is, and the appearence of the site.  The name is also easy to rememeber and quick to type.  It is a preview well done!

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    laura foy


    just want to comment in  the video quality i didnt see this episode yet so i will be back


    this show 10-4 when i download the WMV-HQ it doesnt go up  to 100 MB maybe 50

    but here i see it arise to 250 or higher so if u can arrenge with them to have the same quality with the same size it would be better


    another comment abt the video is coming soon

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    athman- I'll let the 10-4 guys know, thanks!

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    Wow, Paul's so much better than Max... you should have him every week Tongue Out

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    hey laura the problem not from there show it is from yours 

    your show take huge size when it is HQ but them are 1/4 size of yours also in HQ

    i ment that you make the same

    and it is just a suggestion

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    Hey athman, 10-4 is a screencast and so it ends up using a lot less bitrate (and therefore filesize) to achieve the same level of quality. If the WMV HQ is too large for you, you should check out the WMV or Zune links which are much smaller (the WMV is 512kbps and the Zune is a bit less ... and both of those are VBR so they should be even smaller than the bitrate implies)

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    It is in no way an exageration to say that the book "SQL Server 2005 Performance Tunning" saved my life. Let me explain.

    I was an English major so I used to be homeless, but not for reasons you're thinking about. Oh no. I chose to be homeless because the voices spoke to me and told me to break free of artificial social constraints such as "success", or "worth", or "body odor." The voices are actually my conscience even though sometimes I have to drink a lot of alcohol to get some quiet so I could sleep.

    Anyway, I was living the life of a free man, when I met "Tiffany." To others, she might be "just a squirrel", but she is really my soul mate. She just understands me like no other. Tiffany loved Purina Cat Chow Indoor Formula. I am more than happy to share, but this meant that there is now a second mouth to feed. I needed to find a job to pay for the Cat Chow.

    I got a janitorial job at MiddaySoftware Consulting because they also let me use the computer to write my next novel. Anyway, one day, the owners and his son were yelling at each other and the son threw a copy of "SQL Server 2005 Performance Tunning" at his dad. Fortunately, the book missed his dad's head, because at nearly 600 pages, it would've hurt. Unfortunately, it hit me instead.

    When I came to, I heard the owner said "Oh yeah? You think you're hot sh*t? Any dumb a&& can do your job!" That's when he handed me the book and said, "You there! You're the new DBA!"

    I started reading "SQL Server 2005 Performance Tunning" and immediately, I was blown away by it. You would think that a book written by 9 different authors would be a mishmash of incoherent styles and directions. Oh no. By chapter 3 (Monitoring SQL Server Resources with System Monitor) I had the official title of "DBA". The owner mumbled something about "I'll show him."

    By chapter 6 (Choosing and Configuring Hardware), I was charging $150/hr for billable hours on projects. And by chapter 12 (How Fast and Robust is Your Storage), I received my first paycheck. Needless to say, Tiffany and I are now living the good life.

    So, a 5 stars rating? Whole heartedly! 5 stars out of 5. If I could compress my feelings of gratitude, which is literally the size of the star Alpha Centauri into the size of an Amazon star, I will do so and give the book a 6 stars out of 5.

    Recommended? Yes! Most definitely!


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    Love the show keep it up. This is an interesting search to do using Bing.

    First bing Google, then google Bing from the result in Bing. Confused... I am.

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    HAHAHAH Minh! We were originally thinking you'd post some glorious review on Amazon- but I think you and your cat chow eating lady friend have earned the prize! Send your address to

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    HAHA! I posted the review to Amazon. I got the following. You don't have to give me anything Smiley You can send it to next person.


    Thanks! Your review is being processed.

    Your review will be posted on the site, typically within 48 hours. You'll be able to see the review either on the product page, or on your profile page. If your review has not appeared online and you'd like to know why, contact us.


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    send it to me Big Smile

    nice Ping episode. Paul is a bit of fresh air as he's one softie that's not all consumer. I just love the akwardness between both of you especially when he explained Hyper-V Tongue Out . Maybe an episode with laura, max and paul in the future?

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    Hey everybody, Paul here.  I look forward to filling in for Max while he's jumping out of planes and abusing his wisdom teeth medications.

    @Minh: That was a pretty funny review.  Thanks for that!

    @eugene1772: I LOL-ed when I saw the "huh??" bubble.  I'm glad to add some server-side stuff to Ping.  Anything in particular you all want to hear from us?

    I referenced a couple things that some of you might not be familiar with:

    * Songsmith:

    * "Big @$$ Table":

    Also, I need to put together an Avatar... any recommendations on what I should make it look like?

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    @intelman: I think I already have enough footage of embarrassing dance moves out there!  But I'll start practicing in my apartment just in case I need to bust it out at the club! Wink

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