Ping 26: NFL & Silverlight, Movie Maker, Students, Win7 free trial (sorta)

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It's the most wonderful time of the year! That's right! Football Season is here! And what better way to celebrate than by watching your Sunday night games with Silverlight? Paul and I discussed this and some other noteworthy events such as...

NFL & Silverlight- YAY!
Microsoft is cool
Old song that I just found out about
Does the internet see you?
The Windows 7 extend code

Go Jets!



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The Discussion

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    Happy anniversary guys! Smiley

    Little info for you regarding the Silverlight football streaming. Here in Poland one of our soccer team made their entire website with Silverlight. The team is Lech Poznan, you can visit their website here: . It was one of the first biggest SL implementations in Poland and was launched over a year and a half ago. Mayby it lacks some cool newer features but it's good to SL in such places and evolve all the time Smiley

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    Love the informitave show, and I can't spell... too bad 9 doesn't have a spell checker yet Smiley


    for about a month now I've been trying to download your Eps. and can't. I get an error just saying the page can't be displayed. i've sent off an email to support but don't think it got viewed. (it happens I'm sure you guys get millions a day)


    keep up the good work and Crazyness Smiley


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    Partial blindness (embarassing moment #15) and partial deafness (your mic audio quality) induced Wink


    Love the ding song heh

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    Makes me wonder how many of us have cable?  I only do because the other half likes the Food Network.  If only we had good OTA HD in Calgary.


    Nice song, it's difficult to make 1-3 second files less irritating.  The 120 day trial you're talking about is actually called "rearm".  It's the process of extending/refreshing the time before activiation is required by the OS; usually giving a 30 day extension to the Activation Window of a Windows Client (nice pun Smiley).

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    This is a better pymphony I think...



    and go Bengals!!!


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    Apple hardware literally feels better than any PC manufacture out there. Many Microsofties know this, as they use it themselves and just use bootcamp.


    Being cheap is not always a good thing. Is it cool to buy a Ford Focus vs a BMW M3? No. Is the quality going to be the same ( probably not).


    Netbooks are a pain to use. They are under powered, if you want to do any remote spreadsheeting on it, it is nearly impossible to do effectively, and the keyboard are too small for most.


    I hope netbooks just die.

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    NFL news is cool but i guess its U.S. only as usual...

    oh well.. Smiley


    hey laura how's your head? :O (laura bumped her noggin wakeboarding recently)

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    Head is doing much better- 12 stitches later!

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    Enlightening, entertaining and educational. Nice Job!

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    good Smiley  first i thought you had a dye job and just wasnt to happy about it but then i looked a little closer.. Smiley

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    People probably still think I am crazy, but I have a strong belief that netbooks will backfire....


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    I created an account here just to let you know that this is my favorite show (maybe I don't get out much).  But seriously, I look forward to your shows.


    It would be great if the show could be longer.

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    Thanks vbmark! That makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside Smiley


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    Excellent show as always!

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    Users have welcomed the new NFL Silverlight player with very positive feedback. During last night's game Twitter was flooded with messages from viewers. Bizzarely, some American football fans, including the editor of Macworld magazine, sounded more excited about the new Silverlight player than they were about the game.

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