Ping 27: Code7 contest, Get a Mac- Getting tired, Google fears Bing, Swiss street viewing

Play Ping 27: Code7 contest, Get a Mac- Getting tired, Google fears Bing, Swiss street viewing

The Discussion

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    Good to see you Laura back in shape Smiley the photos didn't look very pleasant


    I agree that MAC adds became quite boring and very repetitive. I think that the virus “sector” is the only thing Apple can feel more comfortable than MS, but that’s because more people use Windows machines than MAC OS, so more viruses are written for that platform and that just about it.


    I love Bing and I hope it kicks Google’s but. There is just one thing that just drives me nuts. Why MSFT has to put out different versions of the same search engine (sorry, that’s decision engine Wink ). I’m not necessarily talking about the search results but the interface itself. In Poland we get like couple of features less, but all we have to doo is switch to US language in the Bing settings and we get all of them. Why? I ask why such a stupid solution? If we couldn’t get some features because of legal issues, or them being not open to the public, but otherwise? Why oh why MS…


    Again – great show guys and waiting for the next one! Smiley

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    Oppinion resume Wink


    - Bing looks great.

    - If search results are as great, then great.

    - Ads are old, any ad.

    - Google should be scared.

    - No, you will not convince me that street view sucks or is inappropriate.

    - Agree with wisnia about the Bing issue (except in my country it's worse).

    - Don't hope Bing totally kicks Google's *, as I rather like competition, which is what made Bing possible in the first place.

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    Of course, Bing is not able to kick Google's but so hard that G will stop existing Wink


    What I rather meant was that it will kick it so hard that Google will have to start thinking and innovating a lot more, because now the just cutting of the capons of there market position.

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    Sure, I think we all want that. Radical research.

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    Below is my opinion, It's not intended to start a flame war.

    I agree with Laura, Google knows who to contact, and those individuals blog about it and Google indexes those sites, so instant advertising.  There is nothing accidental about it.  You just need to add water and stir Smiley.

    Apple relies on a mentality (which I have recently found nauseating) to spread their viral advertising.  And you know what?  They've won, because we're talking about them right now in this thread.

    Google on the other hand counts on its brand image, which is secured early on.  Google was known for having the best, fastest, most relevant search results of any engine.  And for a long time, it did.

    That was until people learned how to beat Page Rank and Google started selling keywords, and that polluted the search results.  I’ve stopped using Google because of the sites that “screen-scrape” other good sites and regurgitate the content, just to appear higher in Page Rank.  

    I get thoroughly annoyed when a two-year-old search results is suddenly more relevant (decided by Page Rank), usually just above a newer result.  Or if I try to Google for my computer model and I get a thousand links to bargain sites, instead of the Dell page I wanted.

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    OMFG that was a nasty gash.... How are you?


    Anyway... I tried Bing (I bung?) for a week and had to switch back to Google... There were too many times where I didn't find what I was looking for on Bing's 2nd page, whereas it was there on Google's first


    PS Screw the Swissgovernment...  What have the Swiss done for the world lately? haha j/k

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    The Army Knife,



    and they only gave us the world wide web. A little project at CERN called ENQUIRE.

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    I think you two are being intellectually dishonest in your video and you are only hurting Microsoft even more.

    • You should not be making fun of the creativity of Apple's commercials when Microsoft commercials have fallen flat on their face. Jerry Seinfeld and the mojave-experiment were complete flops. You should be thankful Apple has not pointed out the fact that Microsoft is scrapping Vista just after 3 years; of course, Apple doesn't need to.

    • Google as well as Apple does not need your advice on marketing either.  Google is as powerful as they are today due to an extremely successful product. Why spend millions on advertising when word of mouth works just fine as it clearly did in their case and still does? Microsoft has to do advertising because their first two search attempts bombed out. (MSN, Live Search). Microsoft has poured millions more into the development of Bing, millions with Yahoo and yes, millions on advertising in a hope people will give Bing a try. If Bing was truley better; they wouldn't have to. 
    I used to love Microsoft; but my respect for this company is declining daily and your video is not helping. Microsoft is now playing catchup in almost every major sector in computing and trying to give marketing advice to Google and Apple are not going to save you.


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    Hey Flea++,


    Thanks for your response. I don't think we were making fun of Apple's creativity- but rather saying those ads were GREAT when they came out, and now it's time to do something new. I'd say that same thing to any company that held on to an ad campaign for just...too...long.


    Also- by no means were we suggesting to know better than the marketing execs at Google or Apple. We were simply having a conversation about it. Both pros and cons. Discussing reason for choices they've made and results of those decisions. This show is about taking relevant news stories and talking about them- sharing each others opinions. 


    I think Bing DEFINITELY needs to advertise and I also think they're doing a great job at it. In fact, Charles was watching primetime TV last night and heard somebody on TV say "Let's Bing it!"= great stuff!


    And Microsoft is hardly playing catch up in every major sector....have you heard of Office? Or Windows?


    Anyway, thanks for sharing your opinions...that's what it's all about.


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    Thanks for another great episode!

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