Ping 43: CES, God Mode in Win 7, New Years Resolutions, MIX10

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    Whell... sorry Laura... it is Konami code Big Smile

    Paul - pretty nice job with my last name pronunciation.


    Laura - I agree with on the "god mode". In many ways it makes things longer to achieve. One of our Polish MVP's shows some other GUIDs you can try out with folders: The text is in Polish but GUIDs don't need transaltion Wink

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    In 2010 maybe you guys should find a way to make sure the audio doesn't crackle every time Laura yells Smiley

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    Do you have some sort of manquette (small cartboard model) of the entier microsoft campus in some hallway?


    I would love to see that and explain me who's where and what most people are working on. You keep hearing Building 24 of 52 in video's but it does not mean anything for me. How does that logic work? That would be nice to know!


    Otherwize, great show!

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    LOL so true!

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    I liked it Smiley

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    +1 for Contra Code!   That's the first game I played that had that code and we always called it the Contra Code.

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    Too short ... let's see this year I'd like to see more, bigger, badder and in 3D!  Ok, that's overkill, but it does make me wonder who will be first to put out a 3D vodcast. 

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    A fun two years at that...


    I watched an episode a couple months back where Channel9 was giving us a sneak peak at the "new" and "improved" Now, I probably speak for a lot of people when I write, "I can't wait for the new site!".


    Smooth streaming videos, cleaner UI, friendlier search, optimized browsing, and a hierarchical navigation that represents a solid information architecture are all things promised in the new/next version of Channel9.


    What more could anyone ask for?!




    On a more realistic and not so distant note, the length of Ping and other video's are good. If you guys could add more "flavor" to the other videos that would be great. The other videos include tutorials, interviews, lessons, reviews, and even the boring "programmer to programmer" stuff.


    You guys rock! I got a huge crush on Laura and I wish I had stand-up comedian skills like Paul!



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    Wishing Laura, Paul and all at Ping Team , a Very Happy TWENTY TEN !!

    (Though Laura & Paul forgot to Wish the viewers, it was the background voice Wishing us)

    I am a big fan of Ping - downloded & watched each and every episode.

    The duration of Ping is just right, may be sometimes it can go little bit longer if required.

    I like frank way of presenting the latest Microsoft News , even criticizing when required. You present a very balanced view.

    I hope to see more contests on Ping to involve more viewers.


    Would like to see the Microsoft Campus being covered in one of the Ping's episode-  transportation inside the big Campus, Cafeteria, Library, Sports facilities etc that is the Non-tech part of it.


    Talking of contests, Laura had mailed me asking for my address for Ping Episode 36 , but after that I haven't heard . Was it for winning the contest in Ep 36 ? Can you please check Laura ? Thanks !


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    I think it should be called the Konami code since other games by Konami use the same code


    If I remember correctly, in the Japanese release of Contra you have to enter "konami" code following the tune of the intro music and in the american release you just have to enter it before you can press start

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    so laura are you saying that microsoft has a mobile device and its own slate pc coming? Smiley


    ces was really underwelming for me.. mostly because there where [almost] no new info on natal, except for a frickin marketing video that would be condensed to a single sentence: "natal will be awsome, but you have to take our word for it"  around the twittershpere (= the known universe Tongue Out ) alot of people still doesnt even belive natal is real. microsoft really to release some info to keep the intrest [of the common man, nerds like me are harder to shake] going

    yeah the slates where cool but in all, the information was pretty shallow.. no specs or nothing :/

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    It is Konami code.

    The show length is good.

    I'd like to see a little upgrade to the set, something new or different every show - like moving the big screen to the right side, or replace the black tablecloth by an Italian bistro red/green/white checkered tablecloth one day and by a plaid the other day…

    I’d like to see more guests. Take the bigger buzz for that day - the headline, invite someone closely related to that and have this person to present the story with you guys.


    It would be really cool if you manage to have your xbox avatars presenting a story.

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    Laura is a tomboy on xbox live as well as real life! Awww.

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    I can imagin Laura needing a large room at hotels for her entourage.

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    Suggestion: Orange County Chopper Type Show using a Mobile Dev Shop instead of Chopper Builders.


    It's not a good fit for the Ping show but I'd like to see Channel 9 do an Orange County Chopper style show using an independent software dev shop or Microsoft team complete with angry supervisor (Ted Teufel Sr.), creative designer (Ted Jr) with other work horse employees.


    Sometimes building creative Mobile Phone apps requires a quirky mix of personalities like the OCC folks to inspire and make cool products.


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    LOL, that's actually harder than you would think. We measure Laura's yell in Richter rather than decibels.

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    I'm thinking heavy compression on her mic, like 20:1 Smiley

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    This is the best comment thread ever! Big Smile

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    just to point out, google shows 500k hits for "konami code" and > 25m for "contra code". bing shows 1.7m vs 3.5m. seriously, has anyone who is calling it "konami code" ever actually played contra or used it?


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    I see that this thread is being answered to by C9 staff, so I have a question. What's going on with C9? Activity is way down, nobody from the C9 crew seems to be active, no "This Week on C9" since before Christmas, almost no reaction on the Feedback forum, ... Should we be worried?

    Never mind, Jeff Sandquist already answered in the Coffeehouse.

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    Here is my input do with it as you will.

    1. Technology being used in people houses; I feel that this is one of the best ways to see how everyday Microsoft heroes use MS products and different technologies in daily life. Now this can get repetitive if you showed the same setups over and over but I am sure you smart web-a-video wizards (with the right balance of good hearted laughs) can mix it up between works life and home life scenarios to show off the cutting edge tech being used.
    2. Get your hands on what is next with the people that are working on it, I would think you can get your hands on some up and coming tech, like sneak preview.

    The power of Ping compels you!

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