Ping 51: TechFest, Ballmer, Xbox, Android & Tina Wood!

Play Ping 51: TechFest, Ballmer, Xbox, Android & Tina Wood!

The Discussion

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    What a great day to have such two great hosts on the show - coincidence ? I think not Wink

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    wow wow wow


    am i the only one who think that lura is the developer in this show and tina is the non developer

    really amazing


    so are going to see tina again or this is it only


    i really enjoyed the show


    thank you

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    Actually, neither of them are developers.

    If you search online you will see that Laura and Tina have worked together even before they worked for MS and have quite allot of experience in TV, not software.

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    Love the tag team back together, great show and hilarious G4 clips Smiley

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    Very Nice Ping Episode. Nice to see Laura and Tina together after a long time.

    Remember Paul telling how to say the year 2010 - Its Twenty Ten not Two Thousand Ten Smiley


    Thumbs Up for the Ping Ep as usual !!


    btw why @twoodsummerford is not active on twitter?

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    @Niner: yeah, she never listens to me... just learn to accept it...  I have... Wink

    @Dan: +1 on the hilarious... and scary... I am afraid of what else will be unlocked from the G4 vault!


    Great show, ladies!  I'll be in Shanghai for another week.  Looking forward to watching episode 52 from the other side of the world.

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    Oh nowz , you'll miss the first year aniversery of the show!  Have fun in Shanghai !

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    i know i was referring to previous episodes when she was silent when developer news being told by paull


    but in this show she tooks paull's aspect she start talking developer staff


    there is no mention of sql server secret project this show .... yay

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    Your girls are awesome hosts. I still prefer when there are more tech talk and less chit chat. Anyway thumbs up, because I enjoyed an laughed. An interesting synergy between you two made this show a remarkable one. Though I will probably have nightmares about creepy girls and ponies. What have them done to beautiful Tina? That’s not her… I just refuse to believe that.    

    Also, you girls are awful niner throwers, not a single one made to the camera.

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    tina + c9 will be covering gdc? awsome!

    fingers crossed for ANY natal info  Smiley

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    a special thanks for tina to accept our invits


    and to more great features ping

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    So... um... what's the deal with all the drinking and being drunk and wasted and drinking games and all? Or is that really what "... Microsofties are pinging each other about over IM, email, Twitter, Facebook, etc." all the time?

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    Ha! No...that was us joking around. There is a stereotype that sometimes people party a little too much at conferences so we were playing with that.

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    Tina is great. I think all Tinas are great, I mean Tina Wood, Tina Fey... actually I can't think of any other Tinas right now.


    Anyway, someone tell Paul he doesn't need to rush back Smiley


    Sorry Paul.

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    Feedback is always appreciated... I know I'm not everybody's favorite co-host.  We can make the show like American Idol if you want and have the viewers vote for who should stay and who should go. Wink

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    The All Gnawing

    Aah, nostalgia. Now all we need is Geoff Keighley and we'll be set. Thanks to all who set this up, real treat for fans of that old show on that old network that used to be about video games.


    @Paul "The winner will be unveiled.... After the break! -episode ends-". Don't worry brother, Ping isn't Ping without you and Laura.

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    Laura and Tina,


    Just got back from #devteach in Ontario, wicked conferences, met awesome people and some Microsofties and was at the Onatrio HQ, w00t!.


    Awesome show, great energy, I loved the banter, you two work well together.  The tag technology is amazing, and I agree with Laura, everything should be taggable.  I wish that I could use tags to check into airlines when I fly, would make the process better.


    Everyone should be on twitter, or at least search twitter for interesting and useful tidbits.  It's an amazing idea and we all should take advantage of it, even if you don't tweet that often.


    Looking forward to episode 52, sad that Paul won't be hosting, maybe he can send in a sound bite from Shanghai



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    Double Trouble back in business!

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