Ping 67: Visual Studio Power Tools, Facebook on Its Way to a Billion, Kinect, and More

Play Ping 67: Visual Studio Power Tools, Facebook on Its Way to a Billion, Kinect, and More

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    At $250, the Kinect bundle is a bargain... Just need to work out if Santa is bringing it for me or the kiddies. Smiley

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    Sorry to see Adam go, I do miss Laura too.  Paul you don't code day-to-day, I'm shocked.  Well not really.  I’m a developer too and I don't always code, some of my time is spend writing documentation on how to use the stuff I build.


    I really can't wait for Windows Phone 7.  I'm waiting for the phoenix to arise from Redmond and give us more choice.  Mainly from what I've seen so far, I can't wait to have an integrated experience.  Switching apps is cool, but the whole idea of a Smart Phone was to be smart, and not make the user context switch constantly.  Doesn't the icon view remind you of the Windows 3.1 “Program Manager” with more gloss?
    Honestly, if I can get all my pictures in one place, without launch-close-launch dance, what a time saver.  After seeing the Associated Press App at Mix, I can't wait to try out some new fangled Windows Phone magic.

    Ah yes, facebook, what can be said that hasn't already been said.  Sorry, no Farmville for me.  I am the only one who uses facebook to organize BBQs and occasionally update my status?


    Kinect might be my first Xbox purchase.  I'm still not among the converted.  And I think Netflix just announced they are coming to Canada, yea for us!

    Until next week....

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     Hi guys,


    I must say I'm so sorry to hear that Adam will leave, you guys were awesom duo. If more geekz were like you guys it would be much happier world of 0s and 1s Smiley


    Btw this is one of Paul's requested 50 comments Big Smile


    Have fun guys.

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    Mike Greenway

    1.5 hour to download - too long to wait

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    I just tired the addin and it's really cool.  It's like VS++.  It's the little things in this plugin that really make the WPF editor shine.


    One question, is there a way to ngen the DLLs for this add-in?  I've been attempting to use some of the features, and for each (pun intended) feature I attempt to use, VS freezes while the JIT happens.  I thought VS was broken until I saw a dialog pause.


    Besides that, very cool plugin, I can't wait to install this at work tomorrow and amaze my coworkers, then convert them Smiley


    p.s. the Align Assignment feature: I'm really surprised this isn't in VS.  This feature is like "comment out selected lines", once you use it, you can't believe you ever lived without.. I know... I know, get off my lawn eh?

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    Power toys sounds really nice, going to download that later today for sure Smiley

    (And this is one post for helping you to get to 50 Wink)

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    Yet another of the 50 Wink


    I can't wait for Windows Phone 7. I already planned budget for one! Hopefuly, they'll come out here in europe as well, when they start in america.


    For the powertools.


    Awesome piece of work. Makes VS even more powerfull. 

    It was a .... colourful experienc, loading my first solution after install of powertools. The new Solution Explorer has some great features. I'm so looking forward working with this extension.

    Are there any experiences how this works together with ReSharper?


    Another extension I found worth featuring:


    Super Copy Paste! Enhances the clipboard, by letting you select out of a history of copied content when pasting.



    Next episode again with Laura? Can't wait Wink

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    Not to detract from Laura's abilities at all, but...




    Boys without Foy is very entertaining.

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    Actually, Paul and Adam are quite entertaining; I especially enjoy all the Freudian slips

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    Nice episode, gonna miss the Boys without Foy....even though Laura is a good host too. 

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    "This is probably why I don't have pets or a girlfriend” That was about the funniest thing I heard you say.

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    Feedback: you talk too much!!!          
    Idea: Can you do a video about all or most of the  features in the Visual Studio Power Tools ?

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