Ping 73: Double Rainbow, Windows Phone RTM, Xbox Controller, 3D engines

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    Awesome show! Looking forward to the scrabble game. Be carefull about othere game references (Rubics Cude) you might need to do those to Tongue Out Peer pressure all the way!


    Tools will be released september 16th. Nice 3D engine shoutout! I tought it was only for Silverlight but it can be used in XNA as well. Nice!

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    I hope you're right about WP7 coming to verizon.  I keep hearing they are getting cold feet.  If not, I'll be changing my carrier this year.

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    Sorry guys, but my overwhelming feeling about the double rainbow advert is: corporations ruin everything.

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    Liked the double rainbow bit.  I think it is reaching the peak though; I saw a ref to it on a nickelodeon cartoon my son was watching the other day.

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    Awesome show! You should really make a behind the scenes show ;D


    - Martin

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    Awesome show as usual!

    I have a question, you mentioned that the windows phone tools will be released soon, will this include the support for VB.NET?


    Greetings your fan from Denmark Smiley

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    In the double rainbow there is a big mistake, the inner rainbow should have its colours reversed, blue to red. 

    Next time you see a rainbow, look slightly to left and right of the main one you'll see a light reversed version.

    This continues, so ever rainbow is a double, it is just hard to tell. Look out for the dark bands.

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    BTW, it's a Utah teapot, not a kettle...  It's a classic 3D object that used to be used as a measure of graphics speed. 


    Two pieces of Utah teapot trivia:-

    1) SGI (Silicon Graphics) used to cheat these benchmarks by having a utah teapot GPU instruction.

    2) 1/1000 corners in 3D Pipes (the screensaver) is a Utah teapot (instead of a sphere)

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    I did a double take when you said Bing became the top Android app on Verizon.  Nice.  Hopefully this kind of success will encourage Microsoft to offer a few other apps on those "alternative" platforms.


    Regarding that other Ping.  I'm no attorney but I wonder if their website footnote "Ping is a registered trademark of Karsten Manufacturing Corporation and is used in the U.S. under license" implies they are paying some sort licensing fee or does that statement just provide the loophole they need to use it in this way.   I hope this has no affect on the Ping show name here and the Bing Ping beta.

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    nolberto vaquez


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