Advanced Silverlight Printing Strategies (Silverlight TV #35)

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In this episode, Pete Brown discusses the printing API in Silverlight 4 and demonstrates his recent printing exploits. Pete shows John how, using the API, he created a printing library that serves as a report writer. The source code is available on codeplex (link is below).  


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The Discussion

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    Very interesting.


    Do users need special permissions to install printing support?

    Can regular user (who can only install ClickOnce apps) print using this library?

    Does it require XPS printer driver?

    can printing support be used to print any else from silverlight, besides the reports you mentioned?


    For example: Microsoft Report Viewer control doesn't install printing support by default. The first time somebody tries to print it asks to install and most of the user in our network are not able to do so. So we ended up converting reports to something printable.  



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    Nothing special is required. This is all Silverlight code that works in the sandbox as well as in elevated trust. No special drivers are required. If the user can print from a web page, they can print from Silverlight.


    There are limitations here, though, compared to "real" reporting solutions. This is not a good approach for large reports due to the bitmap approach. Great for small stuff Smiley


    In normal trust/sandboxed, printing must be started via a user-initiated event like a button click.



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    Great! Thanks. I will need to try.

    Can I feed-in images from SQL Server reporting service reports into this? 

    Or rather report pages rendered as images.

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    This isn't really a SQL Server Reporting Services - level report writer. This is more for collections of info that make very short reports. Maybe some images, probably not graphs right now as I don't run through to ensure animations wrap up.


    Not sure what you'll be able to do with SSRS in the short term, but for the long term, I'll make sure talk to the SSRS team and add your voice to the folks that are looking for a Silverlight solution.



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    Agreed. This solution is great for small reports, adhoc captures of data, and those one off exceptions that always come up in projects. if you need a reporting system, I would recommend looking at SSRS and voicing your opinions to their team on how you'd like to see it integrated with Silverlight. In short: 50 reports .... use SSRS. 5 ... this works fine.

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    Mr Papa


    Your avatar has more hair than mine. I've seen your head. Actually, I'm pretty sure I've seen the ceiling reflected in it too Wink


    Something is deeply wrong here Smiley

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    Hey Now Silverlight #35,


         Great Vid on Printing!


    Thx 4 the info,


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    silverlight did not supporting Large Print Page sizes like a0  

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    Ernesto Herrera

    Hello, if anyone is interested in integrate SSRS with SilverLight and RIA Services, please check my article in CodeProject, Regards,

    Ernesto Herrera
    MCTS Web Applications 2.0

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